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Naagin 6, 8th May 2022, Written Update: Reynaksh and Pratha fight for the Amrit Kalash

Today’s episode begins with Pratha asking Lalith how do Tara and Chanda know about the Amrit Kalash. He explains to Pratha that Seema and Chanda were best friends and she used to visit their house. One day, Seema asked Chanda to accompany Tara to the temple. Seema made attempts to lure Lalith in Chanda’s absence. Tara and Chanda head towards Naag temple and while erstwhile Sheshnaagin reaches Naag Mahal with her daughter, Tara attacked Sheshnaagin and demanded the Amrit Kalash.

Tara stabbed her in the back and the Amrit Kalash fell on her daughter’s pregnant belly. She asked her daughter to run with Kalash and bury it. Chanda sees everything. Chanda gets dejected seeing Lalith and Seema getting intimate with each other. Tara asks Chanda to reveal the address of Amrit Kalash. Seema attacks Chanda and decides to captivate her till she reveals the address. Pratha asks Lalith about the Amrit Kalash but he refuses to tell its address or else Seema will kill him. Pratha and Mahek decide to find the Amrit Kalash.

Lalith reveals the truth to Rishabh but he refused to believe him. Pratha requests Rishabh to trust Lalith. Lalith jumps from the terrace and Rishabh rushes him to the hospital. On the other hand, Rehan tells Samaira that he has umpteen affairs with women. Pratha pacifies Samaira and supports her. Chanda tries to revive the address of Amrit Kalash and Seema walks in. Seema introduces Chanda’s son named Reynaksh. Reynaksh touches Mahek’s hand and her hand burns. Reynaksh reveals to Pratha that he is Sheshnaagin’s biggest enemy mongoose (nevla). He challenges her to take the Kalash and affirms that only a nevla wins, always.

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