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Moose Knuckle Jacket

A moose knuckle jacket is a great option for hunters who need a coat that can handle a variety of conditions. The lightweight, durable design of this jacket can be paired with an array of different hunting clothing, making it a versatile piece of gear. If you’re shopping for a moose knuckle jacket, be sure to take a few factors into consideration, including the material used for the coat, the amount of hand-sewn reinforcements, and the brand of zippers.

YKK-brand zippers

Moose Knuckles is a Canadian outerwear label that specializes in quality, durable clothing. Each piece of the brand’s product line is designed with a keen eye for form and function. They stand apart from other Canadian outerwear brands.

The outer layer of the Moose Knuckles coat is made of 74% cotton and 26% nylon. Besides protecting against water, the fabric also offers breathability. This outer layer is also filled with Grey Duck Down feathers. These feathers are soft and offer warmth.

Moose Knuckles has expanded its brand by adding a collection of women’s outwear and accessories. Among its bestsellers is the Stirling Parka. It features a water-resistant shell, premium rib-knit storm cuffs, and detachable hoods.

The company has tapped Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Paragon as ambassadors. Moose Knuckles has also launched the “Icons” campaign. In the Icons collection, Moose Knuckles has reinterpreted some of their most iconic pieces.

Grey duck down

Grey duck down is an excellent insulation for outerwear. Its 650-800 cubic inches per ounce of loft will keep you warm. But down loses all its insulation properties if it gets wet. The water-repellent coatings prevent the down from getting wet and keeping the jacket dry.

Moose Knuckles is a Canadian company with almost 100 years of experience in lined winter clothing. Its products are made with high quality fabrics and are crafted with a keen eye for form and function. Their coats and jackets are sold in a variety of top-end retailers.

Moose Knuckles jackets have a variety of features and colors. They are a favorite amongst women. Most notably, they come with detachable hoods, which allow you to clean your coat without removing it. In addition, they are designed to withstand the harsh Canadian winters.

The Moose Knuckles Original 3Q Jacket has a contemporary slim fit and a lamb shearling-lined snap off hood. It also features storm cuffs and two inside zipper pockets.

Hand-sewn reinforcements

Moose Knuckles coats are some of the warmest on the market. Its ballistics jacket features heavy-duty zippers, shearling, and hand-sewn reinforcements. The brand also boasts an innovative repellent shield.

Moose Knuckles is one of Canada’s oldest outerwear brands. They are known for their impeccable tailoring and performance. Whether you’re looking for a winter jacket, parka, or bomber, Moose Knuckles has you covered.

Moose Knuckles has two distinct lines: its flagship, which is a luxury line of winter coats and parkas, and its more utilitarian, functional, and affordable outerwear line. As a family-owned company, Moose Knuckles values craftsmanship and thoughtful design. This is reflected in their newest show Sacred Glacier, a mystic ice mass in the heart of the North Country.

For the most part, Moose Knuckles outerwear is made from a 74% cotton, 26% nylon blend. In addition to its waterproof shell, the company uses Grey Duck Down, one of the oldest clothing insulators. Besides being a great source of insulation, grey duck down offers a high level of breathability.

Can you spot a fake?

The counterfeit luxury lifestyle apparel industry is alarmingly growing. It has tripled in the last three years. Brand protection specialists have found it difficult to separate real from fake. Some brands are even adjusting their tactics to protect their products.

As an example, Moose Knuckles was recently awarded $52 million in damages against Chinese manufacturers and operators of web sites that sell counterfeit Moose Knuckles merchandise. They argued that the defendants willfully infringed on their trademarks.

However, Moose Knuckles is not yet sure how much of their damages they will collect. It’s possible that the brand will not collect all of the money, as some of the web sites were targeted at North American consumers. In any case, the lawsuit has sent a message to counterfeiters.

Moose Knuckles has been developing a supply chain solution using Blue Bite, a platform that helps the company track the source of their goods. These products have embedded NFC tags, which can be read with a smartphone. This technology allows Moose Knuckles to provide valuable information about its products to consumers.