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Modern Country Decor

While many traditional country designs are associated with being cluttered, modern country decorating is anything but crowded. Modern country decorating is all about family and home, so don’t be afraid to incorporate personal items into your decor. You can also incorporate seasonal accents to give your room a personal touch. You don’t have to abandon all of your personal items, but you may want to consider using them sparingly.

Natural materials

A combination of contemporary chic and traditional country design, the modern country uses natural materials in furniture, wall hangings, and other decor elements. The style features wood paneling, exposed beams, and floorboards. You can also use wicker baskets, wooden pieces and natural material rugs to maintain the natural theme.

Jute, a natural fiber with a slight sheen, is a versatile, strong and durable material. It is commonly used for furniture covering, window treatments, and decorative accents. Jute fabrics last for years and are easy to clean. They also have a soothing effect.

Large mirrors

One way to add a touch of country flair to a room is to hang a large mirror. Farmhouse mirrors can be found in a variety of sizes and styles. You can hang one in the master bath, entryway, or bedroom. These rustic accents are framed in thick earthy brown wood.

Whether you’re decorating a small or large space, large mirrors are a great way to add style and functionality. They can be paired with a shelf or placed alone for a charming effect. You can also hang multiples together for a gallery wall effect. There are many classic shapes to choose from, such as rectangular, square, and oval. However, if you’re looking to mix it up, try globular, asymmetrical, or slightly stretched versions of the traditional shapes.

Neutral base colors

Neutral colors are versatile and can work well with a wide variety of accent colors. Generally, neutrals look their best when combined with two or three complementary accent colors. The easiest colors to use to accent neutrals are earthy shades, spices, blues, and reds, which are warm colors found in nature. When using neutrals with accent colors, they should be layered with each other to create a harmonious look.

Neutral base colors are a great way to bring country style into modern homes. These colors are warm and welcoming and will help to bring the country style into your home. These neutrals will help you create a warm, inviting atmosphere while still keeping the home looking modern and comfortable.


Practicality is a key part of modern country decor. Each item you include in your decor should serve a purpose. You should keep only the most functional and meaningful pieces. Modern country homes often incorporate timeless materials like woven rush, real wood, and soapstone. They also tend to avoid unnecessary clutter.

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