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Mens Lifestyle Shoes For a Slick Yet Relaxed 21st-Century Sophistication

Men’s lifestyle shoes encapsulate 21st-century sophistication while remaining comfortably casual. Perfect for pairing with cotton shorts, t-shirt combinations, or long chinos with polo shirts for everyday looks.

From Tod’s Gommino driving moccasins that epitomize Mediterranean glamour to casual espadrilles that embody summer, here are our favorite styles.


Brogues are an ideal option for men looking for an approachable way to wear formal dress shoes without overstepping their bounds. Although most commonly associated with suits, Bourges can also be worn with jeans or chinos and feature distinctive punching or decorative perforations on leather uppers – this design makes these shoes stand out among their competition! Black and brown hues tend to be popular choices.

Brogues are traditionally classified as formal shoes due to their pointed cap toe and extended lines running along both sides. Full brogues often resemble a “W” shape from above when seen from below, featuring holes cut into their leather edges aand an ornamental medallion in their toe cap – the more elaborate a brogue is seen, as more formal it is considered.

Half brogues are more casual, while quarter brogues feature less decorative details. You may also come across U-tip brogues that feature an unusual toe cap shape resembling a “U,” perfect for formal events and suit combinations.

No matter the style, high-quality brogues will always be constructed from superior materials such as box calf leather. Traditionally, this leather is hand-stained to give them their signature aesthetic before finishing off with a rubber sole that provides durability and traction.

Men’s lifestyle shoes typically do not focus on performance. That doesn’t mean they cannot be used for running or hiking activities, however; rather they tend to offer attractive style with superior comfort features that may cost a bit more.

Shoes make a huge difference when dressing professionally or casually – be it in three-piece pinstripe suits, jeans, and T-shirts, or just wearing casual apparel such as T-shirts and jeans! When selecting stylish dress shoes to complement your ensemble, there are numerous choices available, from double monks, oxblood brogues, and Chelsea boots with side gussets to loafers with no laces at all!

Double Monks

Double monk strap dress shoes feature two buckles instead of laces for added formality and make an excellent choice for business casual wear or for those who do not prefer loafers.

Shoes like these can be paired with suits for formal events like job interviews and weddings; however, they also work well when worn in less formal settings with dark jeans and a sport coat. Furthermore, they may even be worn when attending less-than-formal gatherings such as sporting events.

Monk straps come in many styles and finishes that you can select. A traditional single monk strap features only one buckle at the instep; double monks have two pins which cross over. Both styles feature different finishes and colors, such as shiny finishes or matte textures with brass hardware, giving you plenty of options when choosing what best matches other accessories such as belt buckles, watches, and cufflinks – black or burgundy double monks are great winter choices; lighter brown suede options could work just as well for spring/summer.

Be sure to purchase quality when looking for monk straps. Look for leather that feels rich and durable with sturdy soles constructed using Goodyear welt construction so they can be resolved if necessary.

Make sure that when selecting new footwear that it fits perfectly. When trying them on, ensure there is enough room to wiggle your toes comfortably while being worn for extended periods. Also, consider using a shoehorn rather than simply sliding them on, as this will prevent their stretching out over time and help extend their life span.

Taft offers double monk strap shoes to add an eye-catching, sophisticated, and unique style to their wardrobes. Crafted with premium patina leather, their shoes can be worn in various stylish combinations for maximum versatility. They are highly cost-effective, so you can buy two and still have enough money left over for other clothing purchases!

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are an iconic classic style that can be worn for both casual and formal events. They look great when worn with jeans, as well as being the ideal complement to long black coats in wintertime. There is an assortment of materials and price points available to men searching for Chelsea boots; one will surely fit their personal style and budget perfectly!

If you’re on the market for affordable yet stylish Chelsea boots, the New Republic Sonoma suede boots may be your perfect pick. Though not designed to withstand continuous heavy use throughout winter, these stylish yet budget-friendly Chelsea boots feature premium suede material with crepe soles to offer maximum comfort when walking – only downside is they may run small for some people though; the New Republic provides a generous return policy should this occur!

Thursday Boot Company’s Cavalier Chelsea boot is an award-winning yet budget-friendly choice, made of high-quality yet comfortable leather interior and constructed in the US – not too costly, either! They’re also Amazon’s best-selling Chelsea boots, so rest assured other customers have found them comfortable yet fashionable too.

If you prefer more premium options, the R.M. Williams Yearling Chelsea boots may be an ideal solution. At roughly half the cost of popular YSL Chelsea boots and featuring numerous quality and construction improvements over their counterpart, these shoes also use wholecut leather construction, which means more durability compared to stretchy synthetic materials used by competitors.

Taft shoes are known for their bold aesthetic, yet they also offer more subdued styles, such as the Jude boot from Taft shoes. Crafted with Spanish suede using Blake construction and featuring unique woven tassels on either side, this Chelsea boot has a minimal appearance with special characteristics due to its woven tassels that hang from its sides – adding rocker flair. Crafted in neutral beige tones of Spanish suede that’s easy to pair with casual or semi-formal clothing; a perfect addition for anyone wanting to add rocker flair into their wardrobe!


Oxford shoes have long been associated with sophisticated aesthetics, making them the ideal companions for formal attire. Choose between plain and brogue styles from brands like Allen Edmonds, Church’s, Crockett & Jones for the perfect finish to any look.

For a luxurious finish, choose a suede Oxford with a rubber sole; these will last the distance. For something lighter but still sturdy, leather Oxfords may be more appropriate.

Oxford shoes come in classic cap-toe and wingtip styles, making it easy for any fashionista to find something suitable. This timeless dress shoe boasts a seam where toe and heel meet that can be decorated with tiny perforations known as broguing, making for a sophisticated yet casual ensemble when worn with dark jeans or chinos.

M&S and TK Maxx both carry an excellent selection of mens Oxford shoes at high-street staples like M&S and TK Maxx, offering Oxfords to meet every budget, including plain and brogue leather models and affordable plain suede models. You could also check out heritage brand John Lobb which boasts five generations of family business producing high-quality footwear using premium materials.

If you’re searching for an updated Oxford style, Swedish footwear brand Myrqvist might offer just what you’re after. By selling directly to customers instead of going through middlemen, their premium styles can be obtained at lower costs – the Appelviken in brown suede adds class and classiness to any smart casual outfit!

If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying new Oxfords, consider looking at pre-loved options on eBay or vintage stores. You might find one for a fraction of its original cost; after some adjustments and repairs, you’ll still end up with timeless pieces that’ll last many years of wear and tear.