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Masaba Gupta organizes a special party for her father in Antigua

Masaba Gupta shares cherished memories from her father Vivian Richards’ 70th birthday. The designer expressed that she had hosted a golf tournament to aid healthcare workers.

She shared photos from the birthday celebration with the message: “To celebrate dad’s 70th birthday in Antigua – a golf tournament (where he is happiest after a cricket field) for charity to raise money for healthcare workers in the region who have worked tirelessly through the pandemic,”

On the joyous occasion, she shared a throwback photo with her father captioning “I’d like to think I’ve picked up some of most powerful qualities from my parents. My father is unrelenting, focused, has lived his life in the pursuit of greatness, defied the odds, turned around his fate and spent his whole life to become a mental and physical force to reckon with. ‘All you got is yourself ‘ – I cannot explain how true this last line is and I see it come to life every single day as I set out in my pursuit to be even half as great as you – mentally and physically. Happy 70th birthday papa.”

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Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards’ daughter Masaba was born while they were in a relationship. While Vivian is married to Miriam, Neena Gupta married Vivek Mehra in 2008.

Regarding breaking the news of her marriage to her daughter, Neena Gupta had mentioned that she hadn’t have to tell her daughter. Neena added that Vivek and her were seeing each other for 8-10 years as they flew from their cities to see one another. As she told Masaba that she would be getting married, Masaba had only one question, “Why?” Neena explained to her that marriage was important for one to be respected by the society. Masaba understood her, she added that Masaba was the one person who would do anything for her mother’s happiness regardless of her likes and dislikes.

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