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Mars Retrograde Is Around The Corner – Do’s And Don’ts

However chaotic 2022 may seem to you, we are far from over. At least as far as astrology is concerned. On October 30, a significant astrological event will occur—Mars will station retrograde. Once every two years, the red planet goes into reverse and begins to travel in the opposite direction through the zodiac.

If you follow astrology or have friends who do, you’ve probably heard of Mercury Retrograde by now. This phenomenon happens about three times a year, for about a month each time. It can feel like the world is ending, and everything goes wrong when Mercury is in Retrograde—flights get canceled, documents go missing, and computer glitches happen on an insane level.

But did you know that Mars also goes retrograde? And not only that. It’s way more mysterious and lesser known than the Mercury Retrograde. Mars is the planet of aggression, fury, war, and fighting, and when in retrograde, all of this is magnified.

Here are four dos and don’ts when Mars is in its retrograde phase.

Bite your tongue

Mars rules our animal instincts, such as anger and aggression, so people can be on edge during Mars Retrograde. To avoid unnecessary conflicts or arguments, do not engage in heated discussions on sensitive topics. People are more irritated and argumentative than usual. Wait until Mars turns direct on January 12, 2023, before bringing up complex issues or touching on sensitive topics.

According to this Mars Retrograde guide, people can be aggressive not only verbally but also physically during Mars retrograde. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid discussions both online and offline.

Don’t start new projects or open a new business

Mars, the planet of action and drive, is not functioning properly when it is retrograde. This is why we have to be careful of what we are doing because the result may not be like what we expected. The energy of Mars is fierce, so it’s better not to begin any new projects or start a business during this period.

If you want to start something new, such as a new project or open a new business, you may want to wait until after or until the Mars retrograde ends. You’ll probably feel your worst during the retrograde phase, so you may want to just stay inside in that case and be patient.

Learn to live offline

Living offline doesn’t mean living alone. On the contrary, when you choose to live more offline, you will listen more and spend more time with those who matter most to you. Moreover, all those negative news or events will be out of your reality because you will either not know about them or will not be reminded of them.

Mars’ fiery energy can stir people’s blood, so it’s best to switch off for a while and live more in the here and now, without social media and all the negativity that comes at us from all sides.

Living offline can seem scary, but don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you have to put your phone under your pillow and take it out on January 12, 2023, when Mars goes direct. What this means is that you won’t be spending as much time on social media or engaging in blood-stirring, time-consuming online discussions. Once you try it and see how many benefits it brings, you might start living more offline, even when Mars is not retrograde!

Use the power of Mars to your advantage

When Mars is retrograde, it can be difficult to understand or control yourself and your emotions. Some may feel this can negatively affect their life, but for many, it can be an opportunity to focus on their physical strength and self-confidence.

When you take control of yourself and transform aggression into power and confidence, you can achieve things you couldn’t do before. For example, if you’ve wanted to start boxing or go to the gym, now is the best time to do it. Instead of keeping your aggression or inner tension inside, vent that energy in the gym or boxing ring. Learn to process negative energies, such as aggression or resentment, creatively, and transform them into positive ones.

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