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Luminar AI Review

Luminar AI is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful AI programs on the market today. Its features allow users to build applications in a range of industries. This makes it an ideal tool for developers, IT professionals, and other creative individuals.


Luminar AI uses presets and templates to create the best edits for your photos. This allows you to save time when developing your images. There are also a few free Luminar presets that you can try out.

One of the best places to find new presets is the Luminar Marketplace. This store has the official preset packs, as well as signature templates from the Skylum team. These packs are easy to install and unzip. You can also download third-party presets designed by independent artists. These are good options, but be careful when downloading.

Another option is to create your own presets. You can use the AI Augmented Sky tool to add objects to your photos. You can also edit the intensity of the effect using the amount slider. You can also customize the look by selecting different layers and applying them to them.

You can also purchase premium Luminar presets. If you are a professional photographer, there are professional-level Looks Collections that you can use to give your photos a dramatic look.


Luminar AI offers numerous templates that allow you to enhance your image in a variety of ways. Some are simple and effective while others are more advanced. For example, the Film Noir template can turn your photos into striking black-and-white shots. You can also use the Amore preset to boost the basic quality of your images.

The most basic and straightforward way to use templates is to choose one that you think would work best for your image. For example, the Easy Landscapes Templates could be useful if you have a lot of landscape photos that you want to enhance. You could also choose the Travelogue Template for a grungy look. You could also use the Lomography Template to make your images look retro.

In addition to templates, Luminar AI offers a variety of features to enhance your photos. These include AI tools, plugins for Adobe Photoshop, and Apple stock Photos apps. These features allow you to add special effects to your photos, create signature looks, and improve your workflows.

Print engine

Luminar AI is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that allows photographers to use a range of automatic edits to create great pictures. The tool works by analyzing an image and guiding the blending of multiple layers. Luminar AI is available for Windows and Mac.

In addition to automatic edits, Luminar AI offers a range of complex tools. This includes a tool that changes the sky, weather, and other elements in an image. It also includes an AI-based masking system that isolates elements in a picture. It is also capable of selectively sharpening images.

Another important feature is the Luminar Share mobile app. This app allows photographers to wirelessly transfer images to Luminar and share them with other users. This app is particularly useful for macro and landscape photography. It also includes a tool that removes power lines and dust spots.

Luminar AI is great for amateur photographers who know their images need some editing. However, it does not help photographers who want to learn to retouch. It also has some performance issues.


Luminar AI is an AI-powered photo editing software, which has been designed to make your editing process simpler and quicker. The program is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The software features sophisticated AI tools that make it easy for anyone to create stunning photos without professional equipment.

In Luminar AI, you can use the built-in masking tool to make adjustments for different objects in your photo. You can create masks for water, cars, buildings, and even human faces. The tool works with RAW files, too. You can also add objects to your photos with the AI Augmented Sky feature.

The program is available for $79 for one license, or $119 for two licenses. You can purchase the license on a one-time basis, or you can get it for free with the seven-day free trial.

Luminar AI features a new, rebuilt engine that improves overall performance. It also has a 30-day Happiness Guarantee.

Luminar AI is available as a one-time purchase, or you can save $15 by using the discount code BRNWILLS. Luminar AI is available as a standalone program, or you can use it with your Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom software.