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Love Matters: Warning signs that say your partner is losing interest in you

Are you in a relationship but it just doesn’t feel like you are in a relationship? Are you sensing a little vibe off from your partner? Changing your partner’s attitude or emotional state is making you sweep your precious waterworks under the sheets? Right from the ending of the honeymoon period to busy schedules- there could be plenty of reasons for fizzling spark from your relationship which can make you irritated, frustrated, and bring out insecurities. A lot of relationships notice a shift from an exciting roller coaster ride to a rough patch when a partner gets emotionally distant. But how can you be sure about this thing? Here are some warning signs that clue your better half is losing interest in you.

The vanishing romance

When you are in love with someone, you keep on teasing them, spend quality time, makes plans and just try to make it all romantic. If your partner is stepping out of love then you might notice no spark in between, either you are having less sex or the person makes the relationship all about sex, there’s no in-between. You can simply feel the dying romance and unexcitedness of your partner in anything and everything, even the convos. Notice the behaviour and sense if they are unaffected by these changes, then they are genuinely out of you.

Tip: Tweak your date ideas and bring something fresh and romantic to the table to ignite the spark

Changing priorities

When you are in love, you keep your special one on the top of your list, no matter what! When they are dropping interest in you, they no longer care about spending time with you. Either they cancel the plans, boycott you but go out happily with their friends. Not just this, they don’t bother to call text or inform you about their schedule and life and sometimes they treat you like a convenient option.

Tip: Talk out! Get involved in an open conversation and spit it out directly once and all.

Changing priorities

They get annoyed over little things

Fights and arguments are a part of a relationship and in most cases, such things can get easily resolved on their own. But lately, your partner feels irritated over small things, fights a lot and does not even care to talk or solve such things. They make you feel like you are dumb or consistently judge you round the clock. No matter whose fault it is, they get annoyed with you and behave rudely all the time.

Tip: Take some time off and give them their space.

They get annoyed over little things

They don’t care about your things

A relationship is a two-way thing! You yourself only cannot make a relationship work. If you find yourself talking, asking questions and getting no or vague replies in revert, this shows an absence of interest in engaging with you. They don’t give you any clarity about things that have been going on between you, you are the only one making efforts to communicate and solve issues.

Tip: Try no-phone hour where you both can sit and exchange little details of your day.

A relationship goes through ups and downs from time to time. If you put all your sincere efforts to make it work but still can’t make a difference, then you might have to take a step back and rethink continuing.

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