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LG G5 Review

During Mobile World Congress, LG announced its new LG G5 phone. The G5 is the successor to the LG G4, and features a metal chassis and modularity.

Rear-facing volume rocker moved to the left side of the phone

Changing the location of the volume rocker on the LG G5 to the left side of the frame seems to be a no-brainer. The rocker will be easier to reach when you are lying down on a desk, and the new position will make it easier to change the volume. LG also claims that moving the volume rocker to the rear will improve the grip on the device.

The LG G5’s signature lump on the back contains two camera lenses. A left lens is a 16MP unit with a 135 degree field of view. A right lens is also an 8MP unit with a wider field of view.

The LG G5 will also have a rear-facing fingerprint reader. This is the first time that a major phone manufacturer has used such a feature. Its use will make it easier to unlock the device without having to press a button.

LG is also making its first foray into the modular design space. With its new bottom chin design, users can plug in different modules to improve the functionality of their phone.

Always-on display mode

Having an Always-on display mode on your LG G5 could save you some battery life, as LG has designed the feature to adjust brightness depending on your surroundings. It also shows you important information such as your calendar, incoming notifications, and the current time.

In order to turn on the Always-on display mode on your LG G5, you will need to go to Settings. Once there, you will need to scroll down to the Always-on display option. Once you have selected this option, you will be able to customize it. You can choose from seven different fonts, and can type in a text input field to customize the text displayed.

You can also choose to use a small, hidden notification area on the display. This area will show you important information such as the time, the current date, and the icons of incoming notifications. It will consume about 1% of your battery life every hour.

The LG G5’s Always-on display mode is a very convenient feature. It is also useful, since it will save you battery life.

Built-in maintenance app

Whether you’re looking to keep your LG G5 fresh or just want to clear up some cruft, you can use the built-in maintenance app. The app can perform a number of tasks, including removing cache files and apps that are unused. In addition, the app can also be used to push reminders, uninstall applications, and free up RAM.

Despite being one of the most exciting smartphones to come out in a while, the LG G5 has some flaws. It isn’t always as refined as you might like, and the modular design doesn’t really make the hardware feel as integral to the phone as it could.

LG’s modular design also means that you need to reboot the device whenever you swap out a battery or accessory. Although this may sound like a nuisance, it’s not actually an issue, since the battery is replaceable.

Although the LG G5 doesn’t have an app drawer, you can still install third-party launchers. You can also add a Knock Code, which lets you unlock your phone in one quick step. It’s also possible to set up an always-on screen. It displays the time and icons for your most recent notifications.


Despite its sleek design, the LG G5 has a number of issues. For starters, the plastic-like back cover isn’t as premium as LG’s previous flagships. It also doesn’t have any plastic antenna lines. And the fingerprint sensor isn’t quite as accurate as the Nexus 5X.

LG has made a bold promise with the G5, and has yet to live up to it. This isn’t because LG hasn’t done anything special; instead, it’s because LG hasn’t created a decent add-on module. This is especially true since LG is the first major player to introduce a modular smartphone experience to the masses. But, while LG hasn’t announced any new official modules, the company has detailed two of them.

The LG CAM Plus is a dual-camera grip with a shutter button and zoom dial. It also features a 1200mAh battery. It slides into the LG G5 as a camera grip. It also features a digital-to-analog converter, capable of 24-bit/384kHz audio. It’s a useful feature for some users.