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Legacy Homes Reviews

If you’re looking for a home that’s unlike any other, look no further than Legacy Homes. The details in these homes are what set them apart from the rest. They don’t skimp on any detail, and you’ll find that in every home. In addition to several standard features, these homes also offer a custom floor plan option.

Icon Legacy offers custom floor plans.

Icon Legacy is the right place to start if you’re looking for a custom home. The company manufactures pre-designed and custom floor plans and works with an extensive network of independent builders. Prices vary depending on the builder in your area and the quality of the finish. Icon Legacy ships 80-85% complete, and buyers can work with a general contractor to determine the degree of finish.

Icon Legacy Homes is a hands-on manufacturer, and you can be sure that the team is passionate about quality and customer service. They also have a great range of products and value-added features to offer. This company’s solid reputation has weathered rough times and prospered during good times. The company’s leadership team is dedicated to ensuring the quality of every home is unsurpassed.

In one recent case, an Icon Legacy Custom Modular Home was a victim of a heavy rainstorm. As a result, it suffered significant water damage and structural defects. The company and a subcontractor, Merusi Builders, Inc., fixed some of the damage and appealed the judgment.

Icon Legacy offers pre-designed floor plans.

Icon Legacy is a manufacturer of prefabricated modular homes, including pre-designed and custom floor plans. Icon Legacy also works with a vast network of independent builders to build homes. They ship these homes 80-85% complete, and customers can choose the degree of finish. The company also offers free desconsultationstion.

Icon Legacy is known for its attention to detail and commitment to customer service. The team of experienced professionals is passionate about building modular homes, and they offer an extensive portfolio of floor plans. Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes was founded in the mid-2000s and had 120 employees. They offer a variety of floor plans and several bedrooms.

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