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Landscape Lighting Contractors Near Me

Landscape lighting adds beauty and value to your property by creating a warm ambiance while emphasizing structural details. Plus, landscape lighting increases home value. Discover the best info about landscape contractors Sunnyvale.

Landscape lighting comes in many forms, from spotlights that cast downward illumination to path lights that illuminate walkways. You can mix different fixture types on one line; just be wary of exceeding its maximum wattage limit.

Curb Appeal

97% of National Association of Realtors (NAR) members believe curb appeal to be important when selling a home. As it’s the first thing a potential buyer sees, curb appeal could either make them want to see more or move onto another house altogether.

However, there are ways you can enhance your home’s curb appeal without spending a fortune. Simply painting its exterior or updating outdated fixtures could increase its value significantly, while planting flowers or shrubs near your entryway can add color and draw people in.

Landscape lighting can bring extra beauty and style to your yard, but you must select the appropriate type for your property. Motion-activated lights are great for lighting up front yards while keeping intruders away and highlighting features like waterfalls or statues on your lawn.

Elevating the curb appeal of your home can not only increase its value but also bring great satisfaction. Whether it was paid for or completed entirely yourself, nothing beats seeing results that meet expectations – especially when neighbors offer compliments!


Landscape lighting adds more than beauty to a home’s exterior; it provides safety benefits as well. Nighttime visitors are better able to navigate safely around their property while drawing attention to prized plants that otherwise might go unseen by all.

There is a wide range of outdoor lighting to choose from so that you can select the ideal solution for your home. Path lighting illuminates walkways for an elegant look while increasing visibility; spotlighting uses lights directed toward specific spots in order to highlight features of landscape design; floodlights offer protection for large areas as well.

Install color-changing LEDs to add unforgettable charm to your home. They come in an assortment of hues that can create an inviting ambiance at parties or highlight features in your landscaping—or place them in water features for an extra whimsical effect!

Professional landscape contractors will assist you in designing a lighting plan tailored to your unique needs, suggesting various options, helping select fixtures, and installing them according to code. They are also capable of handling electrical problems such as panel safety concerns, broken generators, and outdoor lights that won’t turn on, as well as installing solar water heaters and electric car charging stations to green your home further.


Landscape lighting systems designed and professionally installed by professionals not only increase the value of your property, but they can also protect it from intruders while providing illumination of pathways for pedestrian safety. When combined, they can even transform an otherwise dull backyard into an inviting setting perfect for gatherings at nighttime!

Landscape lighting contractors provide various kinds of lights to suit your specific needs, including motion-activated lights, floodlights, and spotlights. Motion-activated lights come on when someone approaches your home or detects movement across an expansive area, and floodlights provide additional illumination of driveways or other locations that require special care.

California Nativescapes serves homeowners in Santa Clara and its surroundings by designing and creating gardens and landscapes with various themes, as well as including native and drought-resistant plants. California Nativescapes provides consultation services prior to commencing any projects.

Fisher Electric provides home improvement services to Santa Clara and the surrounding communities. Their team of electricians can address a range of issues, such as panel safety concerns and malfunctioning generators. They also offer electrical wiring, Nest automation services, and underground work assistance.

Sunnyvale Landscaping works closely with homeowners in Santa Clara to offer maintenance solutions for their lawns. Their team provides services such as mowing, trimming, planting, and weeding, as well as sod laying services; installing planters retaining walls & irrigation systems, as well as creating walkways and patios verandas if necessary.


Landscape lighting services can transform your home into an unforgettable destination after nightfall, both for you and your visitors. Furthermore, it shows off all of the hard work put in by both you and landscaping contractors—something beneficial at nighttime when hardscapes and gardens may be more difficult to spot than during daylight hours.

Outdoor lighting can bring the landscape alive at night, drawing your eyes towards focal points that haven’t been noticed during the day and providing pathways with illumination for safety and ease of travel. Lighting can transform an ordinary patio into an inviting dining space for family meals, parties, or simply an enjoyable summer evening swim – while pool areas become relaxing retreats offering restful refuge from heat waves and stress relief.

Illuminated walkways can help protect visitors from hazards like low-hanging branches, thorny plants, and unmarked steps. Motion-activated lights may even deter potential intruders.

Professional Santa Clara landscaping companies offer an assortment of lighting designs and options tailored specifically to your yard’s features and needs. They can also provide maintenance and repair services so your yard stays beautiful year-round, increasing its curb appeal and value when selling.