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Lakeside Trading 2 is a One-Stop Shop for Tobacco and Convenience Store Items

Lakeside Trading 2 offers an assortment of tobacco and convenience store items at unbeatably competitive prices, plus snacks and beverages of all kinds. Plus, you’ll find gasoline at great rates here too!

At our store, we stock over five brands of cigarettes, including Cayugas made right here in upstate New York! In addition, there is also an assortment of native smokes and cannabis products.

Gas Station

Near Lakeside Trading 2, there is a gas station selling gasoline and cigarettes with some of the lowest prices around, also offering an assortment of convenience store items.

The Cayuga Nation operates numerous businesses, including two Lakeside Trading convenience stores and a Sugar Shack ice cream shop in Seneca Falls. Furthermore, they own Pullens Towing and Recovery, Harford Glen Water, and Gakwiyo Garden, which grows 35 fruits and vegetables.

The Nation has been embroiled in an ongoing disagreement with counties and states over its refusal to pay excise taxes, with its businesses operating on sovereign land maintaining they do not owe taxes; the state Supreme Court has since ruled against them.

Tobacco Shop

Near Lakeside Trading 2, this smoke shop is well-known for offering high-quality tobacco products and exceptional customer service. Their staff always greet customers with a friendly smile and are more than willing to assist with any inquiries or problems customers might be experiencing. Locals and tourists alike frequent the shop because it provides some of the lowest prices on tobacco and convenience items available in their vicinity.

This gas station and convenience store not only carries tobacco products but also offers an expansive selection of snacks and beverages – perfect for road trip enthusiasts or smokers! Its focus on native smokes and cannabis products makes this store one-stop-shopping for all your tobacco and convenience needs.

Convenience Store

Cayuga Nation operates a convenience store near lakeside trading two that is popular among residents and travelers. Offering gas, cigarettes, a wide range of tobacco products, and other necessities at unbeatably low prices.

Not only is the store known for its vast selection of tobacco and convenience products, but it also offers an assortment of snacks and beverages and excellent pricing on native smokes and cannabis products – making it a top pick among smokers looking to save money.

Cayuga Nation’s Cayugas brand cigarettes make for thoughtful gifts, making LakeSide Trading 2 an especially great place for holiday gift-hunting. Their staff always goes the extra mile to meet customer needs, making LakeSide Trading 2 a favorite among residents and visitors.

Gift Shop

Lakeside Trading 2 offers unique and thoughtful gifts, making the shopping experience pleasant and pleasurable. Their staff is welcoming and helpful, adding to the enjoyment of giving. In addition to selling locally made Cayugas cigarettes – perfect for smokers or vapers! – native smokes products from Lakeside Trading 2 also make excellent options as gifts! Additionally, Lakeside Trading 2 serves as both a tobacco shop and a gas station/convenience store – meaning one-stop shopping for both convenience items and tobacco needs!