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La Passione Jersey Review

La Passione is an Italian brand selling directly to cyclists. They claim that by cutting out distributor and retail markups, they can offer premium quality at an affordable price.

This close-fitting pro-cut jersey feels second-skin tight without being restrictive. It is very light and has a vast range of temperatures it can cope with.


The Duo jersey combines comfort and performance in a perfect package. It’s a close-fitting Pro Cut with mesh side panels for venting and contour. It fits how a high-end race jersey should, which isn’t always valid for jerseys selling in this price range.

The fabrics feel great, and the stitching is clean, crisp, and durable. The neck protector and hem grippers help prevent the jersey from riding up or getting irritating. The full zip has zipper garages on top and bottom to protect the skin, although if I have one niggle it’s that there is no zipped valuables pocket for the rear pockets.

The bibs are also an excellent fit, with a tall collar to protect against the wind and sun. The colorway is reminiscent of Les Bleus, and paired with the blue jersey; they make a great kit choice for those who like to match their kit from head-to-toe.


The men’s Cell Short Sleeve ‘pro cut’ jersey is sold with matching bib shorts, gloves, and socks. This kit has a clean, contemporary look that evokes the feel of French cycling – not surprising given that La Passione positions itself against Assos and Castelli.

The PSN LS Rain jersey has an excellent race fit that’s stretchy and close to the body without being restrictive or uncomfortable. It’s weatherproofed to an impressive level, with a hydrostatic head rating of 20,000mm, which matches the best hardshell rain jackets.

La Passione’s business model allows them to offer high-quality Italian kits under PS100 by cutting out the distributor, retailer, and marketing costs. This enables them to price competitively against other premium brands. La Passione has much to offer anyone who loves stylish, functional, and comfortable cycling clothing that doesn’t cost the earth. You’ll find them online here.


When it comes to cycling clothing, La Passione is doing a great job of hitting the mark with current trends. Their Cell jersey features a simple square aesthetic and angular graphics resembling chain mail armor. It pairs well with matching bib shorts, socks, and gloves.

The short-sleeve Pro Cut jersey is tight but not restrictive. The laser-cut sleeve cuff is left raw (no stitched hem at the cuff) for a super close fit. The three rear pockets are nicely reinforced but lack a zipped security pocket.

The Club Deep Winter tights replaced a worn pair of thermal socks I’ve used for ten winters. They were perfect for a few days of forgivable weather and offered superb warmth without weighing down the legs.


The fascinating thing about La Passione is that they seem to have found a way to develop high-quality, premium cycling apparel that does not come at an outrageous price. Their commitment to quality and a no-middlemen model keeps their prices restrained and fair.

The Cell jersey is a close-fitting pro-cut jersey that retails for $140 (AUD). It is comparable to the $220+ price tags you would expect on professional-level jerseys from other brands but without the distributor and retailer markups.

The same can be said for the entire range of La Passione clothing; bib shorts and socks are priced very competitively. They aim at that performance market, enabling cyclists who want top-quality garments that fit well, are comfortable and lightweight, but do not want to spend an arm and leg on their gear. Their range of clothing is well-developed, and the brand is increasing. They still have some work to do on establishing a brand character on their Italian flare.