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Judaa Hoke Bhi…

From Raaz to 1920, the Bhatt camp introduced us to the sagas intertwined between love and fear. Here comes yet another tale of horror and romance between a couple, whose relationship has hit rock bottom but when an outsider poses threat, the doting husband refuses to give up on his wife, who seems to be losing the memory of him with each passing day.

Aman (Akshay Oberoi) and Meera’s (Aindrita Ray) marriage is falling apart because of the former’s alcohol addiction. Meera tries her best to keep the marriage going while also taking care of the household expenses. But at one point, she gives up on Aman, and takes up an assignment of ghost-writing the biography of Siddharth Jaywardhan (Meherzan Mazda), a wealthy businessman in Uttarakhand.

True to his name, he behaves like the suave tycoon with a mysterious streak. But is he as normal as he looks? As Meera tries to figure out the man she is working for, she slowly starts losing her grip to reality, eventually losing herself completely, so much so that she refuses to acknowledge her husband when he comes to Uttarakhand to rescue her.

What is the mystery behind Siddharth? Why does his wife keep going back to him? Aman takes on a mission of protecting his wife – but all of it without knowing who he is fighting. All he knows is that Siddharth is not who he says he is! When he realizes that his fight is not with a human but with a power that he isn’t powerful enough to defend, what will be Aman’s next move?

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