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Is it worthwhile to invest in massage guns?

You’ve probably experienced muscular stiffness or knots before, whether as a consequence of a strenuous workout or just from hunching over your laptop all week.

You’ve certainly tried some of the tried-and-true therapies for pain-alleviation, such as a heating pad, stretch routine, massage, or even foam rolling.

However, a new way to deal with tight muscles is becoming popular: massage guns.

Best massage, also referred to as percussion massagers, are portable devices that massage inflamed muscles with resonance and deep oscillation, according to Dr.Hedt, Houston Methodist Hospital’s physical therapist. The latter specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine.

What is the purpose of a massage gun?

Muscle knots are tiny bundles of muscle fibers locked in a constricted condition for one cause or another, explains Dr. Hedt. These fibers become stuck or cemented together because they do not receive the chemical information that typically instructs them to relax.

When this happens, the nerves bundled within the knotted muscle get confused, resulting in pain as the neural output.

Dr. Hedt admits that the mechanism by which massage guns and percussive treatment relieve pain is not fully known. However, he believes it is pretty similar to why massage treatment is beneficial.

According to Dr. Hedt, we know from massage treatment studies that delivering a mechanical stimulation to a muscle may spread the fibers out and put them back into an extended posture, relieving any stiffness or knots that may be present. A massage gun is simply another method of mechanical stimulation to a muscle. In this example, it’s done with a percussion tool’s pulsating oscillations rather than by hand during a massage.

Is it worthwhile to invest in massage guns?

Massage guns are no longer exclusively for athletes, thanks to many choices on the market. They’re for anyone prepared to spend money to improve their recovery game.

But, are massage guns worth the price tag, which may vary from $30 to $600?

According to Dr.” From the aspect of physical therapy,” He says, “I feel a massage gun is a good hearing aid.” According to one study, percussive massagers can have the same impact as a massage.” According to one research, percussive massagers can deliver the same effect as a 15-minute massage in as little as two minutes of use.

According to Dr. Hedt, there is no proof that more expensive products result in a better outcome.

Typically, the cost will be related to ease of use, longevity/quality of materials, battery life, and customization possibilities (movable head, various speed differentials, head selection). All of these factors may arise by the individual consumer to determine which product will be most helpful.

However, while deciding whether to purchase a massage pistol, he emphasizes the need to know when to use one and what to anticipate (and not expect) from one.

When is it OK to use a massage gun?

According to Dr. Hedt, massage guns are excellent for relieving the stiffness and uncomfortable knots that might build in your muscles after exercise, especially if you exercise regularly or your sessions are strenuous. There’s also preliminary evidence that percussive weapons can help minimize the severity and duration of post-workout discomfort.

However, Dr. Hedt cautions against using a massage gun as a prophylactic measure.

According to Dr, I don’t believe there is any benefit to randomly using a massage gun every day as a preventive program. There is no proof that preventative massage prevents knots. On the other hand, a massage gun is a tool to use when you’re in pain.

Using a massage gun does not absolve you of the need to stretch.

While some research suggests that range of motion improves immediately after using a massage gun, it’s unclear to predict whether these devices will ever be proven to be more effective than a good dynamic stretching practice.

Most importantly, if you have recurrent muscular soreness or pain, it’s always a good idea to see a sports medicine specialist.

The source of your suffering may be more complex than what your massage gun can handle, which may benefit from physical therapy.

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