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Is it possible to Get Your College Degree Online?

Twenty years ago, I decided I desired to go back to school to get my bachelor’s degree, but the community I lived in only got a community college. I could not like the prospect of generating an hour or more one way repeatedly a week to take classes. Discover the best info about lam bang dai hoc.

I came across a program from a small accredited school in Indiana that acquired a self-study curriculum that used proctored exams which worked perfectly for me, and I also began taking classes.

This was cutting edge back then, but now there are many more options available, particularly on the internet; for what used to be called learning online, it can be very confusing to find a good online school.

Avoid Diploma Mills

Many questionable operations will sell a fake degree from a fake college that isn’t worth the actual paper it’s printed upon. Stay away from these as they will simply end up causing problems if you try to use one to find employment. In addition, you will eventually be found out and terminated for lying about your credentials which could easily damage your career.

Several high-profile people in business and the government recently have been open to using fake diplomas and, as a result, lost their work opportunities and all credibility.

Avoid Lifestyle Experience-Based Degrees

Several phony colleges will scholarship you a degree based on your work experiences. Sometimes you need to create a few short reports showing that you know, but I think this is, so you feel you are working towards getting the fake degree.

All these degrees are also pretty much ineffective, and any colleges promoting this type of higher education need to be avoided.

Be aware though there exist legitimate institutions that will scholarship some credit for life experience provided that you can detail (and I mean detail) your knowledge of any subject sufficiently enough to convince a professor that you can be granted the credit history.

I got credit for a few instructional classes this way, but there were several where I failed to present enough knowledge at the mercy of getting credit, so I was required to take the classes.

Usually, you will find a limit to how much credit history you can get this way because the conclusion is you need to take real lessons with real homework along with projects and tests to get a good college degree you can be happy with.

Accreditation Is Key

When evaluating an online university program, the most important thing to consider is whether or not a legitimate accrediting board accredits it. Unfortunately, many online applications say they are accredited through XYZ, etc . but on many occasions, these are not state acknowledged and have no validity within the real world.

You want to look for a system accredited by the same boards that accredit actual brick-and-mortar colleges and universities to ensure you are getting a legitimate education.

Because so many mainstream colleges are beginning to have online programs, you could be assured that taking courses from one of them will be OKAY but for others, do your due diligence before signing up.

Remember that there are no shortcuts to getting a quality education that benefits you and your company, so remember the old proverb that if it’s too great to be true…

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