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Investing in Cosmos (ATOM) in 2022

After the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, many enthusiasts wanted to improve its functionality. That is how all altcoins started, and Cosmos (ATOM) was no exception. Its creators claimed they would find a solution to the “hardest problems” BTC faces.  

The investors believed in the concept, and after only three years, ATOM landed among the 30 most popular coins on the market. What exactly is behind the Cosmos cryptocurrency? Is it time to invest in ATOM in 2022, given the current Cosmos price prediction? Find out in the article. 

Cosmos: Goals of the Project

Cosmos is a unique crypto project. It aims to offer a faster, cheaper, more scalable, and more environmentally friendly cryptocurrency when compared to big coins like BTC. Furthermore, to make the network “lighter,” it uses a modular framework that demystifies decentralized apps.  

Cosmos also wants to prevent fragmentation within the crypto industry by offering an “internet” for blockchains. It means that it simplifies the exchange of data between multiple cryptocurrencies. 

ATOM coin was launched in 2019, but a white paper for Cosmos blockchain was released in 2016. ATOM uses the hybrid Proof-of-Stake consensus method, which makes it “greener” when compared to BTC. 

What Is So Special About Cosmos?

The greatest feature of Cosmos is its straightforward infrastructure, which is described as “Blockchain 3.0.” Furthermore, it uses a modular approach, which means that a network built on this blockchain can use already existing chunks of code.  

The Cosmos network consists of three layers: consensus, application, and networking. All functions are distributed among these independent layers, which ensures excellent operability, stability, and security of the network.  

Another important advantage of Cosmos is scalability. This network solves the biggest problem of the well-known cryptocurrencies such as ETH or BTC – transaction speed. The Cosmos network can process up to 10,000 transactions per second instead of 5 on the Bitcoin and ten on Ethereum networks. 

ATOM Price Trends

Before investing money in any asset, investors should check its current price, history, and price predictions.  

Since its inception, ATOM’s value has ranged between $2 and $5. In May 2021, the price broke out and reached almost $30 — but soon fell back to $9. Finally, in September 2021, the coin registered an all-time high when the price hit $44.7 per coin. Then ATOM tried to reach the same price at the beginning of 2022 when you had to pay around $43.6 per coin.  

Since then, the price has been gradually falling. As of July 2022, its market capitalization is around $3 billion. The price is currently fluctuating around $10 per coin.

ATOM Price Prediction 2022-2025

Here are a few ATOM price predictions by reliable sources for the 2022-2025 period: 


According to the source, we should expect the average trading ATOM price of around $12.7 per coin in 2022. In 2024, ATOM is expected to be worth more than twice as much. By the end of 2025, its price can go up to $40.   


Another resource forecasts near $13.18 per ATOM in 2022 based on its technical analysis. By 2025, we should expect a gradual increase up to $20.2 per coin. 

● Gov.Capital 

Predictions by Gov.Capital suggest that ATOM investors will get a triple ROI in 2023. Moreover, the price can surge to more than $150 per coin in 2025. 

ATOM Price Prediction 2025-2030

Check out the forecasts up to 2030: 


ATOM price will rocket to $120 per coin in 2028 and more than double in value in 2030 ($253.86).  


This source does not expect a big price surge for ATOM. However, the price will triple from the 2022 level in 2028. By 2030, this coin’s value is estimated at $47. 

● Gov.Capital

Gov.Capital predicts $242 per coin by the middle of 2027.


Cosmos has revolutionized the market by introducing the next-generation blockchain. It focuses on solving problems that BTC or ETH experience, which is why the price predictions for ATOM seem promising. 

Cosmos can be a good investment. However, swapping some BTC for ATOM might be a smart choice if you diversify your investment portfolio. You can also consider a BTC to DGB exchange for further diversification

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