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“I Loved Being Part Of Runway34 & Am So Grateful For All The Fan Love”

Today, I’m sure you will agree that content creators and influencers are no less than celebrities! They are all stars who are putting their best foot forward to entertain their fans on social media platforms, OTT platforms or in movies. Speaking of creators, Asia’s #1 YouTuber and gamer Ajey Nagar a.k.a. CarryMinati is one such social media star who made his way to the big screen by doing a cameo in Ajay Devgn’s movie Runway34. So, scroll down to read what CarryMinati has to say about filmmaker and actor, Ajay Devgn.

CarryMinati has now stepped into a different path, Acting!

CarryMinati is a super talented YouTuber who started creating content when he was just 10-years old. At 22, he had over 30 million subscribers on his channel. It was his gaming content, roasting videos, satirical parodies and rap songs that received a lot of love and popularity from his fans. Being one of his fans, I feel extremely proud to watch him do his cameo in a movie that stars all A-listers like Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan, Rakul Preet Singh and more.

Here’s what CarryMinati has to say,

I loved being part of Runway34 and am so grateful for all the fan love. This cameo appearance has helped me to discover a newer facet of my persona. I loved working with Ajay Devgn the most. In fact, I’ve told him he should get a copyright on his eyes because he has a bird’s eye view. If it wasn’t for his outstanding directional skills and his aptitude for precision and detailing, I wouldn’t have been able to execute this brief appearance in the film.

To conclude, everyones favourite social media icon made a brief appearance in the freshly released thriller-drama ‘Runway34‘. He totally aced it with his natural acting. If you haven’t watched this film yet then here’s my recommendation to all of you to go and watch it now! Also, CarryMianti recently announced his participation as a mentor in India’s first gaming entertainment reality show, ‘Playground’ and I cannot wait to watch him kill it over there too.

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