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How To Take Care Of Your Flower Bouquets

Flowers always make the best gift for many of life’s special occasions and several moments in between. From a bouquet of bright blooms to seasonal arrangements, flowers can bring cheer and leave a lasting impression on any space even long after they’re gone. Whether you recently received or purchased some flowers, you probably wonder how you can make them last for as long as possible.

It’s true that flowers don’t last forever, but on the bright side, it’s possible to preserve flower bouquets and ensure their longevity. Here are a few practical ways to make your flower bouquets last longer.

What is the Best Way to Make Your Flower Bouquets Last Longer

preserve flower bouquets

Trim the Stems

After receiving a flower bouquet, people’s most common mistake is forgetting to trim the stems. It’s best to trim 1-2 inches off your flower bouquet’s stems at least once every few days. Make sure to cut them at an angle since it ensures better water intake – they won’t be sitting flat at the bottom of a vase.

Prune/Remove Any Leaves Below the Water Line

Cutting off the leaves below the waterline makes your bouquet look better and helps prevent bacterial growth. Flowers like roses have 2-3 outermost petals known as guard petals; removing these petals allows the flower to open up fully. Even after pruning, it’s essential to check them for dead or loose petals and leaves to avoid bacterial rot.

Water Wisely

Watering isn’t just about hydrating your bouquet; you need to do it wisely. Your flower bouquet needs water to last long, especially after its stems have been trimmed. Take a clean vase, fill it with water (room temperature), and add a flower food packet.

Remember to thoroughly mix the packet so the water isn’t too concentrated or diluted. Also, make sure to change the water and properly clean the vase every 2-3 days.

Keep Your Bouquet Away From Direct Sunlight, Drafts, Heat, and Fruit

Flowers thrive in rooms with cool temperatures; therefore, you should avoid placing them near appliances that generate heat or in direct sunlight. You should also avoid placing them next to open windows, cooling or heating vents, or under ceiling fans since they might dehydrate quickly. Ripening fruits can also be harmful to your bouquet since they release tiny amounts of ethylene, reducing the flowers’ longevity, so it’s best to keep them separate.

Use Home Remedies as Preservatives

General care goes a long way in ensuring your bouquet’s longevity; however, some people have experimented with alternative ways to make flowers last longer. Home remedies such as adding a little lemon-lime soda, vodka, aspirin, and pennies to your flower water can help keep your bouquet fresh for longer.

Enhance Your Flower Bouquet’s Longevity With These Tips

Taking care of your flowers can be difficult, especially when you don’t know the first thing about caring for flowers. Now that you are essentially up to speed on the best way to take care of your flower bouquet, you should consider using these care tips to ensure your bouquet stays fresh and lasts longer.

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