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How to get the Right Publishers for Your Cpa affiliate network

CPA Networks have grown considerably during the last few years. The trend has flattened in the previous few years since a large influx of new sites has occurred. With all the new networks that have come on the scene, it is becoming increasingly important to keep the proverbial “ducks in a row.” It goes without saying that when affiliates start a new network, a number of them will have a little strategy for what they are doing… yes this is correct. Just as some affiliates fail to run their small business optimally, some network users get too energized to get started that they neglect some things in the process.

You must concentrate first on who you are and the type of affiliates you want to recruit. Are you going to be a reason network, or are you looking to focus mainly on the sale style of campaigns? This decision will probably guide how you sector your network to likely publishers.

You must answer several main questions when interpreting what your network is as well as is not

1 . What type of activities will you focus on?

Publishers hunt for a particular type of campaign determined by how they run their internet marketing business. You can focus on just one type of another or a mix of both, but you have to consider first

2 . What type of web page experience will you provide

There are various types of website experiences that one could choose from. Most networks are usually set up similarly, but there are differences in how the offers are generally laid out, stats, updates, and graphics. Some networks will be in your face and have flashy artwork, while others are more conservative, centering on ease of use and simplicity. Owners will decide whether to work with you within the first few minutes of observing your site, so choose your unique layout carefully.

3. What am I going to focus on (what would make me different)

You may not have much experience in Cpa ad network Marketing, but you may have practical experience in other things. One such case in point is me. I have been needed for affiliate marketing for around five years and have been running my multilevel for two years. That is not a lot compared to other multilevel owners. Still, I have outdoor experience, which translates to my very own business, which included often running the advertising department of a voilier and mortar business while holding multiple degrees in Marketing. Find something you need to use as a plus for your site owners. Sometimes just being offered at all times is enough to create you apart. Some even more extensive networks are rarely offered when contacting them. Question publishers on what they dislike with regards to some networks and employ those as your positives by simply solving those needs.

Exactly where do You go?

My grandad told me some of the best business tips when I was ten years outdated, but we were not discussing ROI, Profitable margins, positionings, or earnings per click. They told me something far more critical. Go where the fish are generally. Why put your range in the mud if you’re not necessarily fishing for crabs? Your own personal looking for fish, but a specific type of fish.

Publishers gather in places where they can speak and discuss strategies. Usually, these places will be within the forum of online organizations and niche forums. This is when you want to be. Now I state this with urgency. You must be part of at least 3-5 community forums and be active at any time. Right now, there is a right way to do this and a wrong way. We have seen a lot of improper methods and a lot of right ways.

INCORRECT: get on any given forum and begin blasting your message at any time given person. Tell them where you stand and wait for the traffic.

CORRECT: Get in involved. New advertising = Talking to people as well as solving problems. People are on the web for two main reasons… to solve an issue or to be entertained. Men and women in the forum are mainly looking for answers. Be the initial to answer their question or maybe be the first to give an exposed response that is a worthwhile learn. Don’t sell them about anything off the bat. For those who have earned some creditability, tell others what you can do for the coffee lover or tell them you are there. You might the traffic… for this, I know. This has been one of the best ways for me to collect traffic and new web publishers.

You will eventually start getting programs for publishers wanting to join your network. This also goes without stating that there are good publishers and bad ones. Some web publishers will make a lot of money, and some want to take everything away.

You need to verify your publishers and screen them as they come to it. Accepting anybody into your network is sometimes tempting because you want to get people to sign up. However, you MUST be proactive in filtering out the ones that will be more burdened, especially if you run incentive advertisements.

I would do THREE principal things when screening site owners

1 . do a simple background check. Ask for references from other marketing networks if you can’t afford background records searches. Also, request identification. If they can’t prove who they are, then you don’t want to be cooperating with them

2 . Look at the website to see if they provided one. Ask how long they spent on the idea. Does it look well blended, and how much traffic would it get? How is it placed? Who is visiting this website, along with from what counties?

Alexa is suitable for this.

3. Talk with them on the phone or give follow up questions by electronic mail. based on how they talk or maybe by their responses to their email and how fast they respond will let you know what type of manager you are dealing with. Some people merely litter the internet with apps and only work with the ones who instantaneously approve… you won’t suffer from these characteristics because you are generally proactive


Referrals are the cheapest and most effective sort of advertising. Unfortunately, it also takes those longest to cultivate along with profit from

You will eventually get reduced weight and start talking… hopefully it’s good. When they do, some others will naturally want to sign up in case a fine publisher refers them then they have already accomplished half your job for you. Anyone build trust with your site owners, which translates to more accessible testimonials. But most importantly, when an individual compliments you… say thank you and also ask for the referral. It is vital because it doubles the total you get rather then just waiting around for those to do it themselves. Being part of social media, you can ask for referrals even easier by acquiring others to view your social websites page. Others will chat and therefore ensure they have something great to discuss.


Follow these three things, and you will be OK and give yourself the best photo at success.


I had formed to put this one in hats because I have been guilty of dropping my patience. I think we indeed have. You have to calm yourself and know you can only do this much in one day.

These people’s key is to follow your daily strategy and doesn’t falter. Nothing or making improvements. You do one thing all day, do that one thing with enthusiasm and keenness. You must work to help people. You have to put yourself last. I understand everyone says to pay yourself first, but this is financial advice… not business guidance. Put your clients very first above everything else, and they will set you first as well. Creating symbiotic relationships is the key to a successful business plan and a less stress-filled life. You cant do all of it alone; be there for individuals, and they will be there for you if you want them.

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