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How to Get Listed in a Human-Edited Online Business Directory and Benefit From It

Getting your website featured in human-edited online business directories has proven to be one of the most effective Internet marketing tactics – if and only if your website qualifies. To know more, check out

What exactly are human-editable online business directories?

Regarding Internet operation, there are primarily two types of business directories. They could be manually or automatically edited. You submit your website and its details to the system, and it will be uploaded as quickly as possible, no questions asked. Your application will be evaluated and approved before uploading your link to human-edited directories.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Submitting to Human-Edited Online Business Directories

Human-edited online business directories may or may not provide free services. Thus pricing will not be included in its advantages and disadvantages.


Edited with a Human Touch – Because the online company directory is handled and controlled by humans, websites with objectionable content that have passed search engine crawlers will not fare much better when examined adequately by human editors. Because all the links in the directory are thus regarded essential, your website will automatically profit from increased credibility and recognition if and when it qualifies.

Automatic Exposure – Having your website’s link submitted will immediately expose you to people who may not be aware of your website under normal circumstances.

Improved Rankings – At the very least, you should see an improvement in link popularity and page ranking after some time.


Processing Time – Because you’ll be working with human editors, expect processing time to be slower than with an automated online company directory. If you provided a free website submission, you should expect the manual to favor paid proposals over free offers.

Finally, as long as you don’t mind waiting longer than usual for your submission to be approved, there’s nothing to lose by sending your link to human-edited online business directories.

How to List in and Benefit from Human-Edited Online Business Directories

Tip #1: If you can afford it, pay. Get a premium account to speed up the submission process, and you might get your website link uploaded in less than twelve hours.

Tip #2: Do not submit mirror websites to the directory if you receive them. This will increase your chances of being blocked by the site. Instead, offer your main page.

Consider the best category for your website. This ensures that the proper people are viewing your website. However, if your website falls into more than one area, see if you can create numerous category entries for the same website. Finally, avoid submitting comparable websites to the same category. Limit yourself to one website per category.

Tip #4: Websites that provide unlawful or objectionable content will be automatically blocked. Even if your website is related or linked to such a site, it is sufficient to get you blocked. To avoid problems, remove these affiliations before applying.

Tip #5 If your website is “under construction” or “under maintenance,” do not submit it to the directory. Instead, fix what needs to be fixed, and submit when it’s up and running. Readers from the guide will only be turned off if they click a broken link, gradually harming your website’s and the directory’s reputation.

Tip #6 If you use a language other than English on your website, you may need to place your page in a separate category entirely.

Tip #7 Read the rest of the directory’s terms and conditions to avoid committing unneeded breaches.

Tip #8 Most human-edited online business directories will want you to submit a brief but detailed description of your website. Keep in mind that the description you provide must be objective and not overtly promotional. You may be barred from being listed if you are detected providing false or inaccurate information.

When writing the description for your website, focus solely on its significant features and leave out any mention of its benefits.

Tip #9 After your link has been authorized and uploaded, go to the directory and look at how it has been classed, titled, and described. You may always submit a form with the requested adjustments if it is unsatisfactory.

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