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How to Find the Best Launcher for Your Android

You may have heard of many launchers. However, most of them do not meet your needs. You need to know some tips and tricks to find the best one. Here are some of them.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is an elegant and feature-rich application launcher for Android. It’s also one of the fastest and smoothest applications, including features like an agenda panel, a two-layer dock, configurable gesture controls, and a customizable feed.

For starters, the app’s home screen is high-speed and has a customizable feed that can display recent contacts, media, and more. Another cool feature is the ability to hide apps to maximize screen space.

In addition, the app can automatically organize apps and games based on the type of content you use most, including the internet, fun, and multimedia services. Smart Launcher’s other cool feature is the ability to change the icon pack you use.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers on the market. It offers a simple, easy-to-use interface that is also highly customizable. You can personalize your desktop grid, icon packs, and widgets.

The app drawer includes alphabetical shortcuts for your favorite apps. In addition, you can resize widgets, hide apps, and change your icon pack. There is even a search bar for quickly finding your desired application.

Nova is free to download and use, but it also comes with a premium in-app subscription that unlocks additional features. Some features include ad-free functionality, gesture control, and an option to store all your home screen layouts.

Unlike most Android launchers, it doesn’t require permission. You can even install Nova on an external device.


Apex is an intelligent launcher for Android devices that can transform your phone interface and make your device more enjoyable. It is straightforward to install and use, and many customization options exist.

The app is a free download on the Play Store. For $8.99, you can also get the pro version, which removes all ads. However, ad removal is only available for three months.

The app allows you to change the look of your home screen and customize gestures, data security, and icon size. You can also choose from a variety of visual themes.

Apex offers the ability to hide apps and has a built-in app locker. You can also set your home screen to automatically arrange apps, games, and other apps based on their usage frequency or other characteristics.

Go Launcher EX

A smart launcher is a tool that enhances your smartphone by organizing applications, widgets, and settings in an easy-to-use way. Several intelligent launcher apps are available on the market, but which is the best? The following is a list of the top five.

GO Launcher EX is a popular app, but is it the best? The GO Launcher EX is a full-featured Android launcher that’s free to download and use. It offers over 5,000 themes and several other features, including animations, widgets, and more. Some of these features are not available in other Android launchers.

Smart Launcher is an Android launcher that organizes the most popular apps in a neat circular fashion. In addition, the app drawer is organized by category, which makes it easier to find the apps you’re looking for.

Icon Pack Studio

Icon Pack Studio is an excellent application for building your icon packs. Using this tool, you can create icons for your Launcher. In addition, the app allows you to design your own icon sets and share them with other users.

The app gives you access to thousands of icon templates to choose from. These icon templates come in a variety of formats. Some of the most popular are PSD files, PNG files, and GIF files. There are also hex color input options, allowing you to easily change the colors of your icon.

When using Icon Pack Studio, you can use special filters to bring out the most from your icons. These filters are similar to professional image editing apps. They include an excellent color picker and a fun compositing feature.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher has been one of the most popular Android launchers for years. It offers fast app launches, gestures, and many customization options. It also includes some cool gestures that aren’t often seen in other launchers.

The Quickbar can be customized to show widgets when you swipe up or down. You can also colorize its icons. Moreover, you can dock it at the bottom of the screen.

Action Launcher also offers a secondary pull-out app drawer from the left edge. This feature will help you quickly access apps from the side menu.

Action Launcher’s more notable features include an Oreo-style app shortcut bar, Google Now feed, and a search box. These features make it easy to search through all of your apps.