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How to Find the Best Gastroenterologists in Varanasi

Gastroenterologists are medical professionals that diagnose and treat disorders of the stomach, intestines, esophagus, liver, pancreas, and colon. Additionally, they perform surgery to address various digestive problems.

When visiting a gastroenterologist, they will ask several questions to ensure they understand your condition and can create an appropriate treatment plan. They may also order tests to confirm their diagnosis.

Dr. Shekar Puri

If you are experiencing stomach discomfort, bloating, or constipation, it’s time to consult a gastroenterologist. They will ask you several essential questions to diagnose and treat your symptoms.

He may also order specific tests, such as X-rays and biopsies, to confirm his diagnosis and prepare the right treatment plan for you. In addition, a gastroenterologist is knowledgeable in diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal disorders such as stomach pain, ulcers, and reflux.

Dr. Shekar Puri, MBBS, MD, DM, is one of the best gastroenterologists in Varanasi. He currently practices at Samarpan Gastro and Liver Clinic located at B-38/4 F. K tulsipur near Maheshwari Bhawan Ksheer Sagar K Samne in Mehmoor Ganj-221001 Varanasi Uttar Pradesh and has treated patients of all ages for significant and minor gastroenterology diseases such as abdomen pain treatment, achalasia cardio treatment, fatty liver treatment, gallbladder cancer treatment and hemangioma liver treatment among others.

Dr. Vishwambhar Singh

A gastroenterologist is a doctor that specializes in treating disorders of the digestive system. They can detect issues like cancer, hepatitis, peptic ulcer disease, colitis, biliary tract infection, gastrointestinal bleeding, and nutritional deficiencies through procedures like colonoscopy, endoscopy, or ERCP (endoscopic retrograde colonoscopy).

Dr. Vishwambhar Singh is one of the premier gastroenterologists in Varanasi. With his vast expertise, he is available Monday through Saturday.

He enjoys a high reputation among patients and provides services like Liver Disease Treatment, Sclerotherapy Banding, Gastrointestinal Endoscopies, Gastritis Treatment, Gastrostomy, and Colonoscopy.

Dr. Singh recently launched an early newborn hearing screening program at Sir Sunderlal Hospital, Banaras Hindu University’s Department of ENT. This will enable doctors to diagnose deafness in children as soon as possible and perform cochlear implant surgery, providing them with improved hearing capabilities to lead an everyday life.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Agarwal

A gastroenterologist is an expert in diagnosing and treating all digestive tract diseases. These include cancer, hepatitis, peptic ulcer, colitis, gallbladder/biliary tract diseases, nutritional issues, and pancreatitis.

He performs various surgical procedures, including Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), colonoscopy, and endoscopic ultrasound. Additionally, he offers non-surgical solutions like sclerotherapy and banding of the stomach and bowel.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Agarwal is a well-known gastroenterologist in Varanasi with over 12 years of experience. He practices at Varanasi Hospital and Medical Research Centre at B-50 Jawahar Nagar Extention, Gurudham Colony, Varanasi.

He holds both MBBS and DNB in General Surgery from Banaras Hindu University, with 23 years of experience in Urology. A member of both the American Urological Association and the American College of Surgeons, his services include Ureteroscopy (URS), Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction, as well as Urology Consultation.

Dr. Pritesh Jaiswal

Dr. Pritesh Jaiswal is an accomplished clinician with nine years of experience. He’s particularly well-known for his skillful treatment of chronic abdominal pain caused by peptic ulcer disease or microvascular pathology, known as the Golden Rule. His medical credentials are impressive, but what sets him apart is his unwavering devotion to his patients.

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