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How to Do a Natural Makeup Tutorial

If you want to try natural makeup, the best shade of lipstick to use is a nude one. This is the shade Kim Kardashian loves and is easy to apply. Of course, you can highlight your cupid bow with a touch of lip gloss! This shade is perfect for highlighting your natural beauty and will go well with your natural makeup look.

Applying concealer

When applying concealer, it’s essential to use the right color. You don’t want to use shade too light or too dark because this will only create the illusion of uneven coverage. Instead, choose a neutral color that will be more subtle on your face. When selecting a color, test it on a small section of your skin, such as the jawline.

To make the concealer look as natural as possible, start by applying it with a clean face. Then, don’t forget to apply moisturizer. It will help prevent the concealer from coming off too much.

Applying blush

Blush can change your look and give your complexion a youthful glow, but it cannot be easy to apply correctly. It’s best used in areas that complement your skin tone. Choose your blush color carefully and pay attention to the texture and color to create the best effect. Here are some tips for learning how to apply blush to your face:

The traditional way to apply blush is by blending it into the apples of your cheeks. If you’ve got an oval face, try using blush to the tops of your cheekbones for a lifted look. Apply blush below the apples for round faces and blend it upward toward your hairline.

Applying highlighter

Highlighting your face is remarkable if you’re looking to create a glowing complexion. It can give you a brighter look and make your eyes appear more awake. For an oval-shaped face, highlighting the center of your chin can help round out your complexion. When applying a highlighter, be sure to blend it well so that it looks natural.

Highlighters come in many colors and formulas, so choose the right one for your skin. The best way to use highlighters is to apply them in the same way you contour your face. For best results, apply them sparingly and carefully to targeted areas.

Applying creme brow pencil

When applying creme brow pencil, you want to find a shade that matches your natural brow hair. For example, if you have light brown eyebrows, you should use a liggoldene; if you have dark brown, you should use a dark shadow. If you’re unsure of which shade to choose, use a tester. This way, you’ll know exactly what shade you need to apply.

Apply the brow pencil using a thin spoolie or brush and then stroke upward. Make sure that you focus on sparse areas and lightly fill in the rest of the brow. You can also get an eyebrow pencil with a brush attachment to groom the hairs upward.

Applying faux freckles

Applying faux freckles is easy to add texture to your face without going overboard with makeup. For example, brown eyeliner or a brow product can be used to create the appearance of freckles. Blend in a darker shade of eyeliner over the freckled areas to make it look more realistic.

The trick is to find a freckle brush that is slick enough to pick up the product but not so wet that it clumps. Otherwise, you risk getting big splotches on your face. The right brush will pick up enough product to create the illusion of a random flurry.

Prepping skin

The first step to any natural makeup tutorial is to prepare your skin. Start by using a cleanser. Next, cleanse your skin using circular motions to remove impurities and excess oil. It would help if you also exfoliated your face to remove dead skin cells. This will improve your complexion by eliminating dry patches.

Once your skin is ready for makeup, you can apply a lightweight foundation. Whether you choose a light foundation or a BB/CC cream, this step is vital to creating an even skin tone. To apply foundation, use a beauty blender or a makeup brush.