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How to Choose Physical Rehab Facilities: Everything You Need to Know

How to Choose Physical Rehab Facilities: Everything You Need to Know

The global need for physical rehabilitation is on the rise. Almost 2.5 billion people worldwide could use some type of rehabilitation service.

If you need help recovering from injuries, you might consider going to inpatient or outpatient rehab for treatment.

Not all treatment centers are equal, though, so choosing one can be difficult. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn how to choose physical rehab facilities.

Determine What Programming the Facility Has

Not every rehabilitation center will have types of therapies specific to your needs. Folks with spinal cord injuries will have different needs than those who need cardiac rehabilitation.

Scour the facility’s website to see what therapies they offer and what their treatment plans look like. You might wish to take a tour of the center to see if their offerings coincide with your needs.

The ideal center will offer a variety of programming for its patients. Most inpatient rehab patients will have a minimum of three hours of therapy every day.

Does the facility have one-on-one or group therapy? Individual appointments might work better for some as they’re more private and individually tailored.

Your treatment plan should be made in conjunction with everyone on your medical team. Your physician, nurses, physical/occupational/recreational therapists should work together to create your plan.

Find Out the Staffing Situation

Staffing is the biggest consideration when looking at your rehab facility options. You should choose a facility that has board-certified medical staff on the clock 24/7. These staff members should have training in rehab care.

What other rehab center staff work there? Is there a good caregiver and nurse-to-patient ratio? Ideally, there would be one nurse to every five patients during daytime hours.

The facility should have more registered nurses than certified nursing assistants.

Is there someone on staff who can perform vocational rehab assessments? You may need one before discharge to determine your post-injury employability.

Consider the Extras

Take a tour of the building before choosing your rehab center. Are there any strong or offensive odors when you walk in the doors? Is the interior and exterior of the building accessible?

Are the decor and atmosphere welcoming? You might not care to heal in a center that feels cold and clinical, especially after spending time in a hospital.

How important are private bedrooms and washrooms to you? Is having WiFi a non-negotiable? Would you like to have laundry facilities on-site?

You might want to ask about social events, activities, and religious service access if these things are important to you.

Choose Physical Rehab Facilities That Work For You

Now that you know how to choose physical rehab facilities, you can pick one that works for your needs. Don’t be afraid to visit a few different centers before deciding on one. You’ll be paying a lot for your treatment and deserve to heal in a place that feels comfortable.

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