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How Often Should AC Be Serviced?

Air conditioning systems often become clogged with dirt and debris over time. This impedes airflow, increasing energy usage by forcing the system to work harder in performing its duty. Select the best Aircon servicing Singapore.

An annual AC tune-up can prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs during summer. Furthermore, it keeps parts warranties valid. A service technician will perform a comprehensive examination and perform any needed repairs or cleaning as part of this service.


Just like your car requires periodic tune-ups, so should your air conditioner. While postponing maintenance visits during the year might be tempting, it could leave your AC running slowly during summer heat waves.

Air conditioner maintenance allows you to enjoy all the advantages of your system and enhances home comfort. Regular preventive maintenance removes dust accumulation that impairs performance, lubricates moving parts for improved efficiency, and lowers energy use overall. Most major manufacturers mandate annual preventative care to remain under warranty coverage.

Scheduling AC service early allows technicians to identify any potential issues that would be troublesome over the summer and take preventative steps before they worsen. Scheduling service also helps avoid those first hot days of summer when many breakdowns happen, leading to long wait times and costly repair costs.


As with your car, maintaining an effective air conditioning system requires regular inspection and service to run smoothly. Just as with its counterpart in your vehicle, your home air conditioning unit must also be prepared for summer temperatures by being correctly serviced and maintained.

Beginning your air conditioning maintenance in the spring can help avoid unexpected breakdowns later on and also provide more scheduling flexibility with technicians.

After a long winter, your air conditioner needs some TLC to start operating at peak performance in preparation for summer. Replacing its filter and clearing away airflow-blocking debris are among the top steps. Also, ensure your programmable thermostat is set correctly so you aren’t wasting energy when cooling your house and controlling energy bills.


Just like your car needs regular servicing to run smoothly, your HVAC system also needs routine services. Now is an excellent time to schedule this routine maintenance; technicians can focus on prepping it for wintertime heating demands.

Technicians will not only clean your unit and check its thermostat but also its condensate pump for any potential problems that could cause water damage in the future. Finally, they’ll clear away any blockages that could clog your drain line and produce moisture build-up inside your home.

By taking action to identify issues in the fall, you can avoid the added stress and expense of finding and fixing one on a cold, snowy day in winter when you most need heat. Doing so can save money and extend the lifespan of your unit; plus, HVAC companies often have greater availability during this season, so same-day service appointments may even be easier to arrange.


HVAC companies typically experience less business during winter, allowing them to schedule air conditioning maintenance well before summer heat waves. Without regular service, air conditioners tend to break down more frequently in warm environments due to overuse; servicing can help ensure smooth operation come summer.

Air conditioners work by lowering humidity and filtering smoke, odors, and mites out of the air to keep you and your family healthier by preventing allergies, breathing difficulties, and skin conditions.

Maintenance involves technicians cleaning coils, lubricating parts, sealing ducts, and calibrating thermostats as part of regular service. Lubrication helps reduce friction between moving parts to make your AC system run more efficiently and last longer; for this reason, it is also wise to change out your air filter regularly in your home; doing this simple step will prevent dirt build-up on its coils that could clog them over time.

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