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How Do You Use WikiHow?

WikiHow is an invaluable source of how-to information, offering guides that provide people with everything from the ability to tie their shoes properly to more advanced processes like performing the Heimlich maneuver.

As with many websites, anyone is free to edit wikiHow articles; however, each edit goes through a stringent review process; any act of vandalism will quickly be reversed.

What is wikiHow?

wikiHow is an online collection of free how-to guides? From tying shoelaces to setting up an aquarium, the site offers articles with step-by-step instructions and photo galleries on everything from shoelaces tying to building an aquarium. In some articles, there may be videos and lists of resources, while articles also link back to related content and an Expert Q&A section with topic experts.

Contrasting with the content provided on eHow by paid writers and freelancers, wikiHow relies on people contributing knowledge. Articles on this platform are ranked according to quality, so only high-grade pieces appear on its pages.

As search traffic drives wikiHow’s search results pages, they need fast servers to deliver their information as efficiently as possible to readers. Fastly helps them meet this need by protecting their origins while caching frequently-updated articles quickly.

How do I write an article?

wikiHow articles are written collaboratively by anyone with knowledge to share. Experts in their respective fields can contribute step-by-step guides covering everything from how to cook an egg to treating back pain. Editors work together, editing each other’s work while also discussing topics with one another.

To write an article for wikiHow, first select an unexplored topic and write an in-depth yet straightforward piece that provides steps and references necessary for someone attempting to complete their task. Use quality references whenever applicable and ensure all steps have been thoroughly tested before publishing your piece.

Once complete, submit your article for review by the community, and once accepted will be added to wikiHow.

How do I edit an article?

This site uses the collaborative editing technique known as Wiki to allow anyone to contribute articles. As a result, anyone from beginners to experts can contribute and modify articles. With such wide-ranging topics as tie tying to baking cakes covered on this platform. Step-by-step guides give readers clear instructions and photographs as part of each guide article on this website.

Before editing an existing article, familiarize yourself with the Writer’s Guide and Article Formatting pages. Make a digital copy first so that, if necessary, you can restore its original appearance.

Editors can offer assistance by directly editing topics they know about, editing grammar/spelling errors, providing new helpful information, or countering vandalism and spam. Alternatively, editors may help by copyediting articles in-house, requiring them to carefully assess spelling, punctuation, and grammar issues before publishing an article for public consumption.

How do I answer a question?

wikiHow is on a mission to become the most significant and highest quality how-to manual available online, using open collaboration through wikis to allow anyone to contribute content? Established by Internet entrepreneur Jack Herrick as a hybrid organization: a for-profit company with a social mission in 2005. Powered by MediaWiki software with its text content released under a Creative Commons NonCommercial license.

Over 150 million visitors each month turn to wikiHow for step-by-step guidance, from how to tie a tie to treating an ear infection. They rely on it being fast and reliable if they want quick answers; otherwise, they’ll seek them elsewhere. With Fastly’s service delivering their most up-to-date articles instantly without risking performance lag, wikiHow is better equipped to deliver what their readers need when they need them most.

How do I become an editor?

wikiHow was founded by internet entrepreneur Jack Herrick to provide an extensive library of free how-to guides? Utilizing available collaboration tools such as WikiSpaces, anyone can contribute content.

Many wikiHow articles have been reviewed by an expert in their field, such as a doctor or librarian, to ensure accurate and valuable information is presented. You can see when an article has been reviewed by community members by looking in its “About this wikiHow” section.

WikiHow editors work tirelessly to improve their articles using the kaizen philosophy – constantly revising and refining work they already created. Fastly helps them keep content current so readers always receive the best advice.