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Hip Flexor Stretches: Why They’re Good for You

Hip Flexor Stretches: Why They’re Good for You

You use your hips for more than just good dance moves. This body part is vital to many of the movements that we make on a daily basis.

Tight hip flexors are a problem many people have to deal with. Thankfully, you don’t have to live with painful hips. Hip flexor stretches can be an effective way to ease the pain.

Keep reading to learn about the importance of incorporating hip flexor stretches into your daily routine.

What Is a Hip Flexor?

In basic terms, a hip flexor is made up of a group of muscles located in front of the hip by the thigh. This group of muscles is responsible for many of the movements that your legs and lower body make every day.

Having tight hips can be an uncomfortable problem. Weak hip flexors can lead to pain in your lower back, legs, and hips.

Signs Your Hip Flexors Are Weak

Shakira wasn’t kidding when she said, “hips don’t lie.” There are a few signs hip flexors will give you if they are tight or weak.

  • A tight lower back or hips
  • Hips that don’t fully rotate
  • A shorter walking or running stride
  • Unusual hip sounds like popping or clicking
  • Pain from long periods of standing, sitting, and walking

What Causes Weak Hip Flexors

Weak hip flexors are something not only athletes have to deal with. This is a common issue that many non-athletic people face also.

People who aren’t active mean their hip flexors are always in the same position. Your hips need to experience a range of motion to keep them functioning to the best of their ability.

How Hip Stretches Can Be Helpful

You can do many stretches to help both your hip flexors and the muscles around this area of the body. Because you use your hips so much every day, it is important to keep them functioning properly.

Hip stretches can help perfect your posture by improving your core strength. Working these muscles can also help with both athletic performance and everyday movements. A well-stretched hip flexor has a wide range of motion and works with the body like a well-oiled machine.

Find Hip Flexor Stretches That Work for You

Before diving into flexor stretches, you need to know what your body can handle. Getting advice from a professional on the stretches that will work best for you is a smart first step.

If your pain is extreme, don’t try to figure out what hip stretches to do yourself. Your physical therapist can tailor physical therapy exercises to your specific needs.

The great news is that these exercises don’t have to take up a large part of your day. You can learn a simple stretching regime that will keep your hip flexors strong.

Improve Your Quality of Life With Healthy Hips!

Whether you are an athlete or not, everyone can benefit from hip flexor stretches! Keeping this muscle in tip-top shape will keep you from soreness and injury.

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