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HD Makeup Vs Airbrush Makeup: Meet 14 must haves to ace a flawless makeup look

MAKEUP PRODUCTS– Two words that have a huge value in the life of every woman. HD makeup and airbrush makeup are the two things that every woman considers to boost their glam factor in the contemporary era. Be it normal wedding ceremonies, birthdays or anniversaries, women CANNOT do anything without makeup. Today, we will help you understand the two sides of makeup buzz so you can nail your style and ace a flawless look. 

Our top picks for HD Makeup 

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Our top picks for Airbrush Makeup

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In this article 

1. Types of Bridal Makeup  

2. What is HD Makeup?

3. HD Makeup essentials

4. Makeup tools you need to do HD makeup  

5. What is Airbrush Makeup?

6. Airbrush Makeup Essentials 

7. Makeup tools you need to do airbrush makeup

8. HD Makeup Vs Airbrush Makeup

HD makeup as well as airbrush makeup looks have entered the industry lately and managed to capture the attention of all. However, the updates and technological revolution in the sector of professional cameras and their ability to capture every minute detail, have compelled women to cover their flaws. These cameras not only capture every intricate pattern but also imperfections, if any. To look breathtakingly gorgeous and flawless, high definition makeup or airbrush makeup plays a significant role. But choosing the look or the day is definitely a tricky task. Not to worry, we will help you understand what will suit you the best and bring out the glamourous version of yourself. 

Types of Bridal Makeup

Following are types of bridal makeup which have captured large eyeballs. 

– Normal Makeup 

– High definition makeup

– Wedding HD makeup

– Airbrush bridal makeup

– 3D makeup look

High definition makeup is popularly known by its initials. Since cameras cover tiniest details of your overall look, it is important to pay more heed to your makeup type. You must ensure that you cover your wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, acne marks, fine lines, etc. HD makeup covers them all without making your facial makeup look cakey or patchy. They are light diffusing HD makeup products that blur the lights. If you wish to hide your flaws or imperfections in an extremely soft and lightweight manner, HD makeup is all that you need. 

1. Coloressence HD Makeup Base Contour Face Palette

This creamy base contour face palette is a long lasting weightless, waterproof satin finish concealer. It hides blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, acne marks and skin scars. It will provide an unimpaired full coverage that will last throughout the day and don’t let your makeup meltdown leading to breakouts. 

Why Coloressence HD Makeup Base Contour Face Palette? 

This contour face palette offers a smudge proof formula that blends seamlessly. It ensures that your makeup look doesn’t look cakey, patchy or flaky. The shades present in the palette can be used as foundation primer, concealer, camouflage and an eyeshadow base. This face palette is made up from high quality ingredients that suit all skin tones. 

Price: Rs. 1,100

Deal: Rs. 899

Buy Now

2. MyGlamm Pose HD Highlighter Duo Palette

This duo palette has a rose gold and champagne coloured highlighter. It has an ultra shimmer formula that provides a natural radiant look. It is lightweight and best suitable for all day long comfort. With soft touch texture and shine control ability, it intensifies, sculpts and adds a radiance to your skin. 

Why pick MyGlamm Pose HD Highlighter Duo Palette?

Champagne and rose gold are the two shades that compliments all skin tones and give a subtle glow. The texturising agents this duo palette blends effortlessly to ace your bridal look. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 454

Buy Now

3. CVB PT202 HD Primer Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Face Makeup

Primer is the most important makeup product without which you cannot begin with your makeup sessions. This oil-free pore minimising face makeup base will give your face a seamless finish. It shrinks open pores and enables you to have a smooth surface to kickstart your makeup application. It makes your skin smooth and lasts upto 18 hours. 

Why CVB PT202 HD Primer Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Face Makeup? 

After cleansing your face, make sure you rely on this oil-free moisturiser for a non-cakey makeup look. It is an HD primer that will hold multiple layers of makeup without making your face look patchy or heavy. Whether your skin is oily, dry, or even the combination of both, it won’t be an issue for you.


Price: Rs. 589

Deal: Rs. 530

Buy Now

4. COLORESSENCE HD Matte Liquid Foundation

This liquid foundation will offer you a complete matte coverage. It is light in weight and comes with a concealing formula. It is smooth and features a feature-light texture to make your skin look dewy and natural. This foundation is also infused with SPF 20 which protects your skin from harmful UV rays. 

Why COLORESSENCE HD Matte Liquid Foundation? 

This liquid foundation is a waterproof foundation enriched with beauty enhancing ingredients. It has an oil-free formula that lasts upto 9 hours. It doesn’t look cakey at all and gives you your desired HD makeup look. 


Price: Rs. 590

Deal: Rs. 411

Buy Now

5. Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette

This HD makeup palette is a large sized palette that comes with 35 neutral shimmer shades. It also contains matte and pastel shades that are packed with pigmentation. The palette will create dramatic, every day, glam, subtle, and all kinds of beautiful HD makeup looks. 

Why Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette? 

The super palette comes encased in a gorgeous large size palette with clear window for easy visibility and consists of 35 highly pigmented eyeshadows. It will beautify your eyes like no other and make second glances a regular thing. 


Price: Rs. 2,350

Buy Now

6. L.A GIRL HD Pro Concealer

This liquid concealer camouflages the appearance of all skin imperfections. It evens out skin tone and covers dark circles. In addition, it also minimises fine lines with its lightweight texture. It covers a natural looking coverage keeping your look as natural as possible. 

Why L.A GIRL HD Pro Concealer? 

This HD pro concealer will help you achieve your desired HD makeup look. The tube makes your makeup application fuss free and blends with your skin really well. With 3.9 ratings out of 5 on Amazon, this concealer has managed to earn plenty of compliments. 


Price: Rs. 695

Deal: Rs. 660

Buy Now

7. Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Ace Of Base Radiance Primer

This primer is one of the best HD makeup products that will aid in boosting your skin radiance. You can also flaunt this primer alone. It fades away dullness with an intense moisturising effect. 

Why Faces Canada Ultime Pro HD Ace Of Base Radiance Primer? 

This primer has a high blending capability. It has been exclusively formulated to keep the skin hydrated and protected. A primer smoothens the skin and makes it look more polished.


Price: Rs. 899

Deal: Rs. 799

Buy Now

8. C2P PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP Ultra HD Makeup Setting Mist & Fix

This ultra HD makeup setting mist will aid in bidding adieu to touchups, flakes and cracks. It prevents fading and smudging of makeup. It is an essential product for the longevity of the makeup that comes with a gentle formula. 

Why C2P PROFESSIONAL MAKE UP Ultra HD Makeup Setting Mist & Fix? 

This setting mist gives a mattifying and non-shiny look that is loved by those with oily skin. It is a paraben free makeup essential that you must own to set your HD makeup look. Shake the bottle well, spray it on your face from a distance and you are good to go. 


Price: Rs. 799

Deal: Rs. 599

Buy Now

Makeup tools you need to do HD makeup

Following are the makeup tools that you need to HD makeup in a jiffy.

1. Makeup brushes and blenders are the best tools that you need to nail yoru HD makeup look. 

2. You can also seek the help of makeup sponges for a perfect ultra glam coverage. 

3. HD makeup can only be done with the help of high definition makeup products. 

4. The makeup products that scatter light fit under the umbrella of HD makeup look.

HD makeup is the traditional way of covering your flaws in a softer and smoothie way. It makes you look natural and beautiful. However, HD makeup products can burn a hole in your pocket. But believe us or not! They are worth the penny. They possess smooth texture, blend with the skin with minimal efforts and make up look naturally beautiful. 

Airbrush makeup comes into picture when beauty meets technology. The makeup application process takes place with the help of an airbrush or airgun. Ater vouching airbrush makeup products, simply pour it into the small chamber of the airbrush and get started with your application process. Once you press the trigger, the airgun sprays the poured liquid onto your face and gives you a radiant look. Here, thousands of small droplets come together and blend with your skin. 

Below is the list of the top 8 airbrush makeup essentials to nail your glamorous look. 

1. Belloccio Fair Color Shades Airbrush Makeup Foundation Set 

This makeup foundation set comes with one primer and three shades of foundations. Pour these foundations into your airbrush tool and you are ready to deck up in a jiffy. With one splash of foundation, you are halfway through with your makeup look of the day. 

Why Belloccio Fair Color Shades Airbrush Makeup Foundation Set?

With 4.2 out of 5 stars, this foundation set is all that you need for a perfect coverage. Due to the thinner texture, application becomes smoother. It is weightless and enriched with naturally derived ingredients. 


Price: Rs. 7,599

Deal: Rs. 4,166

Buy Now

2. Silicon Based Concealer Wheel Temptu pro Airbrush Makeup Product

This concealer wheel has a silicone based formula. It includes 5 natural skin tone shades to create a flawless complexion. In addition, it delivers full yet weightless coverage of redness, dark spots and other discolorations. 

Why Silicon Based Concealer Wheel Temptu pro Airbrush Makeup Product?

This concealer will be one of the best companions for acing the airbrush makeup look. It has a long lasting formula that takes your natural radiance a level up. With the correct airbrush makeup tool in your hands, this concealer will solve all of your concealing issues. 


Price: Rs. 2,585

Deal: Rs. 2,325

Buy Now

3. Bolt Airbrush Paint Gun Kit Tool

This gun kit tool is a must have tool if you wish to boost your glam in a technological way. This airbrush tool is easy to handle and has a good grip. It will spray on an even layer of airbrush makeup product with minimal efforts. 

Why Bolt Airbrush Paint Gun Kit Tool? 

It comes with a trigger lock safety system that allows users to determine the quantity of air and fluid released. With 5 out of 5 stars ratings on Amazon, this gun tool has served multiple purposes. It can be used for makeup, nail art, tattoo art, cake decorating, painting and other artwork. 


Price: Rs. 2,999

Deal: Rs. 1,399

Buy Now

4. Silicon Based Primer 1oz. Temptu Airbrush Makeup Product

This airbrush primer is not heavy and does not have a strong smell. It controls excess oil and creates a perfect platform for makeup. It controls shine for matte finish and is ideal for all skin types. 

Why Silicon Based Primer 1oz. Temptu Airbrush Makeup Product? 

This primer does add a little smoothness to the face that looks great when combined with the airbrush foundation. Unlike many primers, this one doesn’t irritate your skin. With 4.3 stars out of 5, this airbrush makeup product leaves no place for disappointments. 


Price: Rs. 2,925

Buy Now

5. Revlon Cream PhotoReady Airbrush Effect

This foundation delivers a poreless airbrushed look. It has a light-filtering technology and provides medium to full coverage. It also comes with SPF 20 for 100 percent skin protection. 

Why Revlon Cream PhotoReady Airbrush Effect? 

The pump is perfect for dispensing the optimal amount for your sponge. This is your best option for complete coverage without breaking the bank. 


Price: Rs. 3,999

Deal: Rs. 2,096

Buy Now

6. Kavya Facial Airbrush Water Oxygen Injector

This airbrush water oxygen injector is made of aluminum material. It is sturdy and durable. It will cut down your time and serve you with everything that you need while amping up your radiance in a techno-savvy way. 

Why Kavya Facial Airbrush Water Oxygen Injector? 

This airbrush water oxygen injector is a portable airbrush tool that will help you finish off your makeup session quickly. It is an easy to clean airbrush that will be your companion forever. 


Price: Rs. 8,599

Deal: Rs. 3,866

Buy Now

Makeup tools you need to do airbrush makeup

An airbrush tool or airbrush kit along with airbrush makeup products are the two makeup tools you need at your hands. To attain an airbrushed makeup look, all you need to know is the technique of using it. There are airguns that are bulky and heavy whereas some come in the shape of pen that fit into your hands easily. With the perfect control over the airbrush and correct method of application, you can ace an airbrushed look seamlessly. 

HD Makeup Vs Airbrush Makeup

HD makeup vs airbrush makeup might put you in a dilemma. Both types of makeup have some or the other advantages and disadvantages which are as follows. 

1. HD makeup doesn’t  stay intact for a longer period of time as compared to airbrush makeup. 

2. The process of HD makeup application might be time consuming and the application process of airbrushed makeup is quick. 

3. Looking from the perspective of the camera, HD makeup might look natural but airbrush makeup will look more natural to naked eyes as well as through the eyes of the camera.

4. Airbrushed makeup is done with the help of silicone based products which tend to stay longer than the normal HD makeup products. 

5. HD makeup successfully hides each and every flaw of your skin where an airbrush makeup look might have some limitations. 

6. HD makeup products give you the freedom of blending where airbrush does not offer any blending freedom.

HD makeup vs airbrush makeup are the two types of makeup that will give you two different results. However, the real task is the makeup artist. Without the help of a makeup artist or makeup application knowledge, you cannot ace a high definition or airbrush makeup look. The best solution to understand what works well for you is “trials”. Makeup trials will help you in bringing out the best version of yourself. 


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