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Graphic Design Companies in San Jose

San Jose provides some excellent opportunities for those starting their graphic design careers, from boot camps and introductory classes to boot camps themselves. Here are a few places where you can get started in this exciting field of visual communication design.

San Jose is home to some of the top creative branding agencies worldwide. These agencies combine technological know-how with artistic creativity, helping businesses uncover their true identities and share them with the world.

California College of the Arts

CCA provides small critique-based classes, access to industry professionals, hands-on design projects, mentorships, and an intensive Graphic Design Internship Program that connects students to tech companies, publishing houses, and museums that need their talents.

The college has made a firm commitment to social impact through the Center for the Arts and Public Life. They host student-run studios, and public symposia, and annually award IMPACT Awards that support local nonprofits’ work.

They offer several BFA programs in painting, sculpture, and printmaking as well as several graduate degrees in Graphic and Industrial Design.

CCA faculty members are leaders in their fields and boast extensive experience. Many have worked at top Bay Area firms and been recognized with accolades, awards, publications, and publications recognizing them for teaching excellence – helping make CCA one of the premier art schools nationwide.

San Jose State University

San Jose State University can equip you with all of the tools to become a graphic designer, offering numerous degree programs and boasting an excellent track record for teaching students how to succeed in this industry.

San Jose State is an extremely diverse campus filled with high-achieving students from all around the world. Furthermore, its friendly environment encourages them to work hard towards success.

Students at the university are strongly encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities and join clubs and sororities on campus, as well as join any of a variety of different organizations or societies such as clubs and sororities. There are a number of services and programs designed to aid their academic success including a Living Learning Center, tutoring services, library access, and sports and activities that promote healthy lifestyles which offer great ways for meeting new people while building lasting relationships.

Graphic Design Bootcamp

Graphic design boot camps offer an excellent way to gain the necessary training, whether you want to kickstart a career in this area or simply expand on what you already know. These programs will teach you all of the fundamentals, including software tools and techniques for creating images and websites.

People looking for boot camp courses in San Jose can select from various schools and training centers offering both online and onsite instruction. Some programs specialize in areas such as web development, user interface design, or user experience design.

Tradecraft provides a 12-week intensive boot camp designed to prepare students for entry-level designer positions in UX Design. Featuring hands-on training from industry practitioners and collaborative working relationships between fellow students in the course, it costs $9,800 and features both one-on-one mentorships throughout as well as a project-oriented curriculum.

Graphic Design Classes

Graphic Design classes in San Jose give students hands-on experience using industry-standard tools to produce designs for real-world projects. Small group instruction with experienced instructors as mentors offers personalized mentorship while giving an opportunity to ask any necessary questions.

San Jose schools offering graphic design classes online or through virtual training centers offer graphic design courses online or virtual training centers that give participants hands-on design training without having to travel. These programs allow individuals to obtain essential graphic design skills without leaving San Jose’s location.

Shillington offers a comprehensive design course – both on campus and online – covering everything from design theory to programs in just three months of full-time or nine months of part-time study. They have campuses around the globe with flexible time zones so you can study when it best fits into your schedule.