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Girl, 17, Killed After Reporting Adult Walgreens Co-worker’s Advances


A 17-year-old girl in Colorado Springs was tragically killed in her workplace after a confrontation with her suspected co-worker, police said. Police arrested a 28-year-old man in connection to the murder of Riley Whitelaw, 17. Before Riley was killed, she reported being “uncomfortable” around the suspect to a manager who then put them on the same work shifts.

According to KKTV, the Colorado Springs Police Department, Whitelaw was found dead at a Walgreens on Saturday, June 11. A store manager told police he’d found a body in the break room. The scene was reportedly bloody, the witness said. Before Riley was found, a 16-year-old customer told police she was standing in the deodorant aisle when she heard a female screaming and the sound of stall doors slamming.

The arrest affidavit revealed that the victim appeared to suffer neck injuries and blood all over the room. Her ID badge and radio earpiece were lying near her feet.

“There were significant blood stains on the breakroom floor, cabinets, and counter. There was an identification badge on the floor and a radio earpiece… near the victim’s feet.”

Teen Rejected Suspect’s Advances Before Murder

Riley Whitelaw’s co-worker, Joshua Johnson, was arrested and charged with one count of Murder in the First Degree. According to the arrest affidavit, a Walgreens manager, Justin Zunino, reviewed the surveillance footage. He observed the 28-year-old stacking bins in front of the surveillance camera until he blocked the view.

He also confirmed that someone had taped paper over the windows in the break room area, and the “restroom closed” sign was placed in the area to keep people out, something that doesn’t happen until the end of the business day.

[The manager] observed an employee named Joshua Johnson stacking bins in front of a surveillance camera til it blocked the view of the camera. [The manager] stated someone had taped paper over windows in the break room area. The ‘restroom closed’ sign was in the area to keep people out, which typically does not occur til near the end of business.”

To the same manager, Whitelaw made complained about Johnson last year. She said Johnson had made advances toward her, which made her uncomfortable, according to court documents. Zunino reported he’d told Johnson to “keep things professional” and said Johnson “appeared to be receptive.”

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