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Furniture Decoration Paper

Add color or pattern to a piece of furniture without breaking the bank with decorative paper! An affordable solution that delivers precisely the look you desire. Check out to know more

Decorative papers often produce quality finishes on wood materials such as furniture surfaces, flooring, and paneling. Available in various colors and weights with satin or machine smooth finishes, decorative papers feature exceptional properties like high porosity levels, wet strength, and light t-resistance that help create quality results on these wood surfaces.

Ornate paper

Design can create immense pleasure. While a high-end office suite may not provide the ultimate delight, a conference room full of friends could transform into your ideal office experience. Conversely, more informal yet formal office settings may provide enough inspiration to host an office party! Luckily for those of us on a tight budget who desire an ideal workspace, online resources offer no-commitment quotes on finding that elusive sexiest office; compare prices as well!

PU coated paper

PU Coated Paper (PUCP) is an attractive decorative contact paper with an outer polyurethane coating for maximum scratch, stain- and dirt, and tape resistance.

High tensile strength and flexibility distinguish it from standard adhesive papers, making it suitable for various furniture applications. Furthermore, it’s pleasing aesthetics and low environmental impact make it a popular choice in home furnishing applications.

Lignin-based polyurethanes (PUs) are biodegradable, low cost and environmentally friendly materials that offer many potential uses in manufacturing various PU materials with different mechanical and thermal strength, durability, and stiffness properties.

Lignin can be directly integrated into polyurethane systems without pretreatments due to its aromatic rings and hydroxyl functionality. Furthermore, various preparation strategies have been investigated to increase availability in PU synthesis; such systems include using modified diisocyanates (MDI), steam-exploded lignin, or 2-methyl tetrahydrofuran-soluble fractions as macromonomers.

Gold leaf paper

Gold leaf is an attractive, metallic material with a warm golden hue that brings luxurious accents to artworks, furniture, and more. Available in multiple sizes and colors, adding it can quickly bring elegant style into any interior space.

Natural gold leaf comes in different karat weights and can craft unique designs on canvas, paper, or other surfaces. Imitation gold leaf comes in various shades to add depth and dimension to paintings or drawings.

No matter the level of crafter you are, whether beginner or experienced, following these simple steps will allow you to achieve professional-looking results:

Apply an adhesive explicitly designed for gilding. There are both water-based and oil-based options available for you.

Once the adhesive has been laid down, please wait until it has completely set; typically, 15 minutes is sufficient.

Once your adhesive has set, place your gold leaf sheet over it and gently rub it with your hands until it adheres to its size – this will extend its durability.

PU decorative foil paper

PU decorative foil paper can help enhance the aesthetics of furniture pieces. Made of lightweight paper-based material bonded onto smooth substrates like MDF, it adds an eye-catching decorative accent.

They come in various colors and finishes, such as solid and woodgrain variations. Furthermore, these mats boast high-fidelity printing that allows for striking graphics and patterns.

These materials are elementary to use, typically cut down to size before being applied with a squeegee or soft cloth.

Foil covers can also be a fantastic solution for covering small spaces such as gift wrapping or boxes, so be mindful of following their manufacturer’s instructions when using them. When used on doors or shelves, measure out and cut your paper accordingly, then apply a thin coat of adhesive (wood glue or white glue) between both foil surfaces.

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