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Best Funny Marriage Advice You Need To Follow


Funny Marriage Advice is a delicate relationship between two people, amenable to accept each other’s imperfections and love them unconditionally. However, with a pinch of humour, it makes it endurable for both of the parties. We all enjoy marriage jokes, don’t we? Nevertheless, they give us some powerful advice on how to make things work between two people.

Therefore, we are sharing some sweet but funny marriage advice so you can see your relationship grow. Because sometimes the silliest jokes, are the most sensible. We will tell you how the small funny things you or your partner do can make you love them even more. Stay tuned.

Funny Marriage Advice – Literally!

Without further due, let’s see look into some Funny Marriage Advice. It may help you in the long run.

  1. Magic words of a successful marriage: Let us introduce a magic spell for which you will thank us later. Whenever in an argument with your spouse, say, “I’m sorry, it was my fault.” They probably won’t even remember the fight in the next ten minutes.
  2. Advice for Husband: If you keep failing in some things. Just follow it the way your wife asks you to. You will 100% succeed.
  3. Advice for Wives: Your husband might think of himself as the head. But you are his neck. Remember, you can turn your head in whatever direction you want.
  4. Husband is best secret-keepers: A one known fact that all the ladies will agree to is husbands are the safest place for all your secrets as they are not even listening.
  5. Terms and conditions: For most men, listening to their wives is equivalent to the terms and conditions. They close their eyes and say, “I agree.”
  6. The golden rule of marriage: There are two golden rules that you must follow.
  7. a) The wife is always right.
  8. b) If you think your wife is wrong, pinch yourself. And look at the first rule again.
  9. Don’t expect: If you think your husband will change after marriage, or your wife will not change after marriage, then you are living in a bubble. Therefore, don’t set such heavy expectations from your spouse.


Funny Marriage Advice – Michel De Montaigne once said, “A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.” Maybe you would agree, but that’s not possible in every case. We all are insecure, jealous, and a little possessive about people we love. However, if you will see it from a witty aspect, you will find nothing wrong with it.

Isn’t it funny how we say we accept each other flaws however end up arguing over those flaws? Well, honestly, there are a lot of humorous elements in Funny Marriage Advice. But the point is to enjoy those elements with that person. Therefore, follow the above funny marriage advice to have gratifying yet amusing marriage life.


What to do if you forget your marriage anniversary?

Take your spouse to the most expensive date, shower them with gifts and love so they could finally get to the point to “think” of forgiving you.

How to watch sports when my wife is at home?

There are two ways: 1. Tell your wife before the match that you are looking forward to watching the so and so match. And would appreciate it if she could corporate, with you. If necessary, buy gifts as compensation. 2. Don’t.

My husband doesn’t talk to me. What to do?

This is the most common problem wives go through. And the answer is simple. Let them communicate their feelings to you. Don't question every sentence. And most importantly try to be a good listener.

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