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Forex Prop Trading Firms

Forex prop trading firms have become an increasingly popular part of the financial industry. These firms enable traders to trade large accounts without risking their capital and limit both daily losses and overall losses to protect capital. Prop firms also impose limits on daily losses to safeguard traders’ capital investments. Get the Best information about prop trading firms.

Top prop firms provide investors with various funding options and tradable assets, along with high-quality educational materials for their traders. Furthermore, they offer access to advanced trading platforms with transparent fee structures.

Axi Select

Axi Select is a leading global online broker that serves ambitious traders from around the globe. Offering CFD trading on an impressive selection of assets such as forex, shares, commodities, and more, Axis Select has offices in the UK and Australia and boasts an impressive list of global partners. It also boasts an award-winning MT4 platform, which boasts numerous trading tools and calculators.

Axi Select’s flagship offering is its funded trading account program, which gives retail traders access to real funds while enabling them to retain up to 90% of their profits. Unlike traditional prop firms, Axi Select does not charge registration fees, allowing traders to deposit and withdraw funds whenever necessary. Their program has six stages, each stage requiring traders to meet specific conditions.

The Axi website features a selection of trading tools and features, such as Myfxbook Autotrade for automated copy-trading, MT4 Signals, and MT4 VPS Hosting to deliver optimal performance. In addition, Axis features a blog that regularly provides updates regarding market analysis as well as market and economic news around the globe; additionally, this section of their site contains educational material specifically targeting new traders as well as insight into economic news globally from all contributors. The blog section can also be viewed daily, with new articles coming in from different contributors.


FTMO offers several additional features to assist traders in improving their performance as funded traders. Their trading academy features courses tailored for all skill levels, covering topics like risk management and technical analysis. Plus, they offer demo accounts and equity simulators so users can practice their strategy without risking real money—not forgetting a mentor application to give traders extra support in order to succeed!

FTMO’s platform has been operating since 2014 and has paid millions to traders from 180 countries. Their test fee of EUR155 is much lower than most prop firms in this sector and never goes towards actual trading—meaning you don’t need to use up natural capital!

At FTMO, traders must complete a two-step evaluation in order to become funded traders. This evaluation process assesses profitable trades and strict rule adherence. Furthermore, funding options available include bank wire transfers and Skrill. Moreover, traders can receive their profits in their local currency of trade and take advantage of an impressive 90% profit split, which makes FTMO an excellent option for traders with solid strategies in place.


Fidelcrest is a prop trading firm offering funding programs for traders. Operating for years and recently making updates to improve its services, Fidelcrest provides traders with various investment opportunities at different profit share and risk levels across various account types with an MT4 trading platform for algorithmic trading – making this firm an excellent option for building their portfolio without investing their capital.

This firm adheres to industry best practices when it comes to forex prop firms. Traders can audition for funded accounts that allow them up to $1 million of capital to trade and generate profits for both themselves and the firm. Furthermore, their process is user-friendly, boasting high customer satisfaction ratings.

Traders can choose between 13 accounts catering to differing risk levels and investment strategies. Each account provides leverage trading and access to over 1,000 financial instruments. Furthermore, the company hosts a trading community so traders can learn from one another.

Potential traders can begin by choosing an evaluation account, paying the one-time fee, and initiating the Trading Challenge. Traders who reach their profit targets and trading day requirements will advance to the Verification stage, where they could potentially earn evaluation commissions of up to $50,000!

Funded Next

Funded Next is a forex prop trading firm offering traders various services and products. Its flexible funding model offers flexible profit splits, and it focuses on the success of its traders through 24/7 customer support, live chat customer care support, robust security infrastructure, and compliance regulations.

Funded Next offers traders two distinct models to meet their trading needs: an evaluation model and an express model. Both offer minimum investments of $15,000 with an 80% profit share and five—or 10-day trading periods, respectively. Additionally, an exclusive 10% discount is offered on evaluation fees.

Funded Next is a moderate-risk prop trading firm with a TU Overall Score of 6.15 out of 10. This makes it suitable for copy trading strategies such as copying, algorithmic trading, and weekend trading. Before opening an account with Funded Next, traders should thoroughly research its benefits and drawbacks.

Funded Next stands out from many prop trading firms by not permitting external investors or hedge funds to have stakes in its firm. It believes this is an essential measure for trader safety. Furthermore, Funded Next does not charge its traders transaction fees or commissions.

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