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Forex Fury Robot Review

The Forex Fury robot has many pros. It comes with preset settings that have proven to be highly profitable. Besides, it also offers customization features, such as lot size, stop limit, and day of trading. Although, it is essential to note that this robot automatically closes transactions when a small profit is made, so if you want to keep your transaction open longer, you must fix the stop limit beforehand.

93 percent winning ratio

Forex fury is a robot that trades on the Forex market using a range trading strategy. It has a 93 percent winning ratio and is relatively easy to install. It requires little computer knowledge and no technical assistance. Moreover, it guarantees 100 percent real-time automated results. There are also a lot of helpful resources available for its users. These include full-length user guides, tutorial videos, profitable accessible settings, and customer support available round the clock.

Forex Fury is compatible with all MT4 brokers. However, you must sign up with a broker before you can use it. The website will provide you with a list of recommended brokers. You can also access verified trading results and read user reviews.

Easy to install

If you want to know how to install the Forex Fury robot, keep reading this article. This robot has a series of helpful videos that will give you more information about the robot and how it works. These videos will give you an overview of the robot and demonstrate how to use it to make money trading forex. In addition, you will get an idea of how to customize the robot’s settings to optimize your trading style.

Forex Fury is a top-rated robot with hundreds of positive user reviews. The system is relatively affordable, ranging from $349 to $1745. It offers free updates and unlimited demo accounts to try out several strategies. It has several advanced features, such as a feature that lets you select long and short positions or a combination of both. It also has a dynamic retrace feature that lets you turn off your stop loss.


If you have never traded forex before, you may wonder whether to invest in a forex robot. The Forex Fury robot is one of the most popular programs on the market and has earned positive reviews from many users. This robot can trade up to 5 times a day, dependingdailyhe the market and the forex pairs used. The program also offers traders a free demo account that you can use to get a feel for how it performs before you make a final decision.

Forex Fury has various features to suit different trading styles, from scalping to time-limited strategies. It has a reasonable win rate and comes with many filters, so it’s essential to understand which one suits your trading style. It’s also essential to understand the trading strategy behind the robot, as it uses a range-based trading style. It uses a news filter to avoid trading during periods of high volatility, and it also offers the ability to change the risk settings of the robot.