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Forex Fury EA Review

Forex Fury is a forex trading robot with a 93% winning rate and is 100% automated. In addition, it has multi-currency settings and a good customer support system. As a result, Forex Fury has a good reputation for delivering consistent results, and it’s one that many successful traders use to save time and money while trading.

Forex Fury is a 100% automated trading system.

Forex Fury has been on the market since 2015. The results are varied depending on the currency pair and the investor’s setup. But, its success rate is impressive. It has a 93% winning rate, ECN support, and effective money management. It can be found in several Forex communities and review portals.

Forex Fury’s user-friendly interface lets you see your accounts and see which one is currently trading. You can also click on the accounts to see which ones are open or closed. You can open up to seven trades at one time. Forex Fury is an advanced scalper and works fast. It’s easy to set up and operate. As a result, it can earn profits exceeding your expectations.

Forex Fury’s website has a simple design, with different sections highlighting the benefits of using its software. In addition, it lists the different packages and provides links to demo and live trading accounts. The website also has a FAQ section, where users can ask questions and get answers to common problems.

It has a 93% winning rate.

Forex Fury is a forex expert advisor that helps its users find profitable trade opportunities. It has a 93% winning rate, according to Myfxbook. In addition, it comes with exclusive membership content, responsive customer support, and full-length guides and video walkthroughs. Furthermore, it supports large account sizes. Users can also set up as many demo accounts as they want, with no limits.

Forex Fury has won the trust of many traders in a very short period. It is a reliable trading robot compatible with the leading trading platforms. It has been designed to work for beginners and experienced traders. It claims to have a 93% winning rate and a very high success rate.

Another advantage of the Forex Fury trading robot is that it only trades for two to three hours daily and offers aggressive and safe trading opportunities. This software has a 15-year backtest record and a 93% winning rate. It is also compatible with most brokers and account sizes. It is available in two packages: free and paid.

It has multi-currency settings.

Traders can now access all of their accounts from one place. This is an excellent feature, as it easily manages all your accounts. There are different settings for each currency, and they can be easily changed and customized. In addition, Forex Fury can open multiple trades at a time so you can maximize your profits. You can also choose whether to trade only longs or only shorts.

Forex Fury EA is compatible with MT4 and MT5 brokers so that you can trade on any of them. With multi-currency settings, you can diversify your investments to minimize risks. This EA also has a built-in money management strategy that helps you control your trading risks.

The developers of Forex Fury have worked hard to provide valuable services to their traders. Throughout the years, they have researched the market and identified the needs of traders. They have continually added new features and improved the overall performance of the EA. In the 2022 version, the developers have included additional features to help traders make more profitable trades. One of these features is a trend filter. This feature helps you develop a trading strategy by watching trends and interpreting market conditions.

It has excellent customer service.

The Forex Fury EA’s website boasts an excellent customer support system. It includes a contact form for sending an email and a comment box for asking questions. Customers are also encouraged to visit the FAQ section to find answers to their questions. The response time is described as “lightning fast.” For example, I contacted the company by email during the day and received a reply an hour later.

Forex Fury’s team is highly responsive, and the email support option is very effective. While there is no live chat option or telephone number available, the support staff responds to queries within a few hours. Unfortunately, despite the company’s reputation for excellent customer support, many retail investors’ accounts lose capital while trading with Forex Fury.

In addition to the excellent customer service, the Forex Fury EA offers a range of features and filters for Forex traders to better understand the market. These filters can help traders identify potential risks and make informed decisions. The software is easy to use, and the support team is available to help whenever needed.

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