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Ergonomic Work Injuries In Ashburn: What Is Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Worth?

A work injury in Ashburn can leave you grappling with unexpected financial losses. Virginia’s workers’ compensation system is designed to help injured workers in such dire times of need. While a sudden accident-related injury is horrible for all reasons, an ergonomic injury can be even worse. You need an Ashburn workers compensation lawyer to help with your case, and in this post, we have a few pointers that will come in handy for your claim.

Examples of ergonomic work injuries

There are several ergonomic work injuries, the most common one being overexertion. If you sustain injuries due to repetitive motion or while pushing, lifting, or pulling an object, you may suffer pain due to overexertion. Injuries could also include falling, being struck by equipment or things, and exposure to extreme temperatures. Among the other types of ergonomic work injuries is repetitive motion, which can cause damage over some time.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim

Many workers’ compensation claims in Virginia are settled, requiring both parties to agree to the final amount. However, the actual work is filing a lawsuit, which can confuse injured workers. Depending on your injury, you could recover numerous benefits, including the cost of present and future medical care, potential future income loss, and potential permanent impairment. Unfortunately, you cannot ask for compensation for your pain and suffering, which makes such claims different from personal injury cases.

What is your claim worth?

There is no one answer to that question. Each workers’ compensation claim is unique and must be evaluated on merit. Consider meeting an attorney to discuss the various factors and put a dollar value to your claim or at least give a settlement range. Lawyers usually consider many aspects, including whether the injury will likely impact your life in the future, the cost of current & future treatment costs, and whether the insurance company accepts the claim. If your claim is denied, you still have the option to file an appeal with the Commission, and your lawyer will guide you through the process.

Final word

No matter what kind of injury you have endured at work, you must know your rights and file a workers’ compensation claim. As per the statute of limitations in Virginia, you have two years to initiate the case, and it is pertinent that you act soon. First, talk to a law firm frequently dealing with workers’ compensation claims.

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