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DV Trading, DV Energy, DV Securities and DV Capital

DV Trading is a proprietary trading firm with offices in Chicago, Toronto, and New York specializing in trading stocks, bonds, and commodities. Employing over 200 people globally.

DV Energy trades financial crude oil, refined products, and natural gas markets. At the same time, DV Chain uses proprietary trading strategies and technology developed by DV Trading to bring cryptocurrency liquidity to market participants.

DV Energy

DV Energy is a supplier for DLA Agro members with expertise in oil products, biofuels, and heating oil. They aim to offer high-quality programs at secure levels through close collaboration with quality-minded suppliers and producers at home and abroad. Their Oil Analyst must be capable of connecting historical data and forward market analyses with macroeconomic, geopolitical, and financial flows to form an in-depth picture of medium and long-term oil markets that is reliable and trustworthy.

Established by the co-founders of DV Trading in 2016, DV Chain leveraged its technology and trading strategies for cryptocurrency markets. Offering advanced liquidity solutions to professional traders and institutions alike, DV Chain allows professional traders and institutions to trade a portfolio of cryptocurrencies while expanding their businesses with global standard infrastructure containing robust low latency systems that facilitate simple click orders with white glove algorithmic orders – providing professional traders and institutions access to trade cryptocurrency markets efficiently and profitably.

DV Securities

DV Securities LLC operates as a proprietary trading firm. They trade options, futures, cleared swaps, and equities on global exchanges for clients in both North America and Latin America. Established in 1997 and located in Chicago, Illinois.

Trading firms capitalize on market volatility by buying and selling securities when prices fluctuate up or down, using their capital, strategies, and risk management methodologies to take advantage of market movements. The larger a trading firm becomes, the greater its revenue may be; however, due to increased technology costs and compliance regulations, this may become more costly as time goes on.

DV Trading of Chicago has seen impressive expansion, expanding their New York and London offices and opening a European office later this month. They have even hired employees from their former rival Eldorado Trading in Chicago before its closure, purchasing some of its hardware as per CEO Jared Vegosen’s assertion.

DV Trading’s new division DV Energy has made inroads into the energy market beyond traditional financial trading activities, trading physical and financial crude oil, refined products, natural gas, and related energy markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. Their trading team leverages similar technology and strategies employed by DV Trading when trading financial markets to provide liquidity in energy markets – recently beating estimates and raising their annual revenue forecast while raising dividends by 20%!

DV Capital

DV Capital offers its homeowner, real estate investor, builder, and developer clients access to various mortgage products and solutions. Their clientele appreciates their passion, transparency, and care when financing problematic or challenging property requirements. DV Capital also offers private lender and broker services throughout Ontario, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia.

Laura Desmond is one of the co-founders of Starcom Mediavest Group and brings over two decades of expertise in digital, marketing, and technology convergence. Before becoming global CEO, she served as Chief Operating Officer.

DV Capital has made multiple investments, such as Nuself premium clothing, cosmetics, and health marketplace. Additionally, the company is interested in Yoloco’s search and analysis service for social networks founded by former general director of NMG Studio Olga Paskina and Alexei Yanchishin – another member of the National Investors Association with offices in New York City. With 31 technologies across 11 categories, such as SourceTree, GitKraken, and Yoast Plugins, that help to increase security and performance.