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Does Jewelry Provide a Good Return On Investment?

Certain assets have a good reputation for being excellent investments. One of these is, without a doubt, real estate. Likewise, the stock market can provide excellent returns if a portfolio is managed carefully. These are only two investment types with a good reputation among investors, but a savvy investor will know that there are many other options, such as jewellery. Not that imitation faux or costume jewellery, but finely crafted jewelry and collectable designer pieces – they never lose value – and will almost certainly grow in value as the years pass. These are only a few reasons why jewelry shines as an investment class. A new trend is the 14k gold forever bracelet welded directly on your wrist. But, if you ever decide to remove it, you can always sell or remake your jewelry into something new. You can also find fine jewlery at a jewelry store northern virginia

What makes jewelry such a Good Investment?

Jewelry has several advantages that make it an excellent investment. Firstly there are the materials used to make fine jewelry, such as precious metals like gold and silver – these almost always trend upward in value over the years. Precious metals are considered investment havens for an excellent reason; they are regarded as almost inflation-proof. Regardless of how the markets are performing, weakness in global economies, or other challenges, precious metals deliver for those who are patient. 

Jewelry has also been in high demand for centuries, if not millennia. This demand shows no sign of slowing – demand dictates price – and jewelry grows in value with rarity and high demand. There is also an active market for pre-owned jewelry. Cash may fluctuate in value in tune with economic factors – but jewelry with a high gold content will remain valuable – and grow in value. 

The truth of the matter is even an unstylish gold necklace is only a gold necklace right now. Melted down, it is still gold. That gold can be used to make new jewelry – or even collectable coins or set as bars. Diamonds are another valuable resource because they can be removed from their current settings and reused to make an entirely new piece. The larger, high-quality diamonds with stunning cuts, lack of flaws, and perfect clarity are valuable – and will remain so for the foreseeable future.     

What types of jewelry have the most value? 

Stock markets are famous for their cyclical nature; one day, they’re up, and the next down. But fine jewelry is not subject to these incredible swings – and there are certain pieces that jewelry experts rate as excellent investments due to their anticipated future value. These pieces include materials such as natural saltwater pearls, coloured and ‘fancy’ diamonds, sapphires, vintage and antique rings, pieces featuring emeralds and rubies, and those made with gold and platinum.   

These pieces appeal to not only the eye – they are very statute purchases – their value will only grow in the years to come. Those who sell a piece in demand will not only recoup their original investment but can also look forward to a significant profit. One hopes that you will not have to sell that treasured piece and that it will be passed down through the generations so that they can treasure it for its beauty, value, and contribution to their net worth.

Regarding haven investments, people tend to focus on real estate, stocks and bonds, and gold. However, we want to add a fourth item to the list – diamonds. Of course, they are famous as a girl’s best friend thanks to that famous De Beers advert – but they are much more than that. They are a literally and figuratively sparkling investment. Over the past decade, investments in fine jewelry have outperformed US equities, valuable real estate in markets like New York, and even gold bullion. So if you have some delicate pieces, you are in luck – especially if you want to add to your collection.

People who own fine jewelry develop an emotional attachment to the pieces, making many of them simply priceless. However, when you make that satisfactory jewelry purchase, you want also to know that it is a savvy investment that will grow in monetary value. It could be that engagement ring purchased for love and beauty or that fabulous antique necklace taking into account certain factors that will ensure your investment continues to grow. The most expensive pieces, valued in the millions, have specific common characteristics with those pieces that are more widely available. The pieces that will grow in value boast exquisite, high-quality diamonds, are unique, have a high content of materials such as gold and platinum, and are designed by master craftsmen (and women). These characteristics ensure that our jewelry – even if it does not make headlines will continue to grow in value.

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