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Do you depend on your web host for services related to website monitoring?

Some website owners will respond, “Oh, my Web host takes care of that for me,” when you ask them if they have website monitoring services. To find out about Not Working, click here.

Why Is Your Web Host Unreliable?

Your web host is hosting your website. By providing you with web hosting services, they can profit. However, they are not compensated for informing you when those services are ineffective. While your host might not notify you if there is a significant outage, that is not to say that they won’t. They likely won’t tell you of every minor outage on your website. Services for website monitoring come into play in this situation. These businesses are compensated for doing just one thing, and one thing only: notify you when your website is down or performing poorly.

How Can You Choose The Right Website Monitor?

There are a variety of website monitoring services on the market. Unfortunately, both the prices they charge and the quality they offer are variable. To ensure that you’re working with a service that will do the job right, you need to research a few things.

How Frequently Is Your Site Visited?

You must first and foremost confirm that the service you select will check your website at least once every 60 seconds. Every 15 seconds, some services can check your website. You should never use a service that can’t check your website at least once every 60 seconds.

What Number of Servers Are Present?

When you know the frequency of site checks, find out how many servers the monitoring service has. Who will be monitoring your website if the website monitor only has one server and that server fails? Nobody. You want a service with at least three servers spread out strategically worldwide.

How Will We Notify You?

Additionally, you want to confirm that your website monitoring service will call you and send you an SMS text message to alert you. How will you find out that there is even a problem if your website monitor only offers email as a means of communication? Until your email is operational once more and that email rrives, you won’t be aware of a problem.

How Much Will You Pay?

Of course, money is a concern. It would be best to remember that the cheapest service may not always be the best. However, you also don’t want to pay too much. Find a website monitoring service that has a range of pricing options. For instance, there is no need to overpay for a package that monitors more than 100 URLs if you only need to monitor 50 URLs. Instead of paying a fixed monthly fee, you might consider a service that charges you for each text message you send. You are essentially paying for nothing if you pay $10 monthly for text message notifications and don’t get any texts that month. On the other hand, if you discover a service that bills for each text and phone call, you will surely get what you pay for.

the conclusion

Keep in mind that your web host is not a website watchdog. Sure, they might provide some reporting and analytical tools, but they aren’t getting paid to monitor how well your site is working. A website monitor is used for that purpose. So don’t assume that your host will let you know if there are any issues with your website. You might pay dearly for that error down the road.

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