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Dirt Cheap Deal Finder Review

Dirt Cheap is a store specializing in buying returns from major retailers and selling them at discounted prices, often including used or returned power tools that often make their way back here.

This app lets users scan items, instantly check their prices, and locate nearby stores.


Dirt Cheap Deal Finder is an exceptional and dependable app for bargain hunters and deal enthusiasts. This app allows users to scan items for price and locate nearby stores quickly while offering real-time updates, a user-friendly interface, real-time updates, and an array of additional features, making it an invaluable resource. Even though some privacy and support response issues exist within its application, Dirt Cheap Deal Finder remains a solid option when searching for the best possible prices on their favorite products.

Users can utilize the store locator feature of this app to locate Dirt Cheap or Treasure Hunt locations nearby quickly, scan QR codes to instantly check prices, set notifications for special offers and promotions, install easily onto most smartphones, and work seamlessly across most networks – though please be aware that scanning QR codes or taking photographs requires access to your camera for price checking purposes; any personally identifiable data provided during price checking does not store or share with third parties but only used within its services.

Under no circumstances shall the company or its officers be held liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages arising from your use or inability to use this app, regardless of contract or tort claims. This limit of liability covers losses of any nature whatsoever.


Dirt Cheap Deal Finder is an incredible app designed to assist users in discovering the latest bargains at Dirt Cheap and Treasure Hunt stores. Featuring an intuitive user experience, users can scan items for prices before quickly finding nearby store locations. Furthermore, real-time updates provide users with up-to-date knowledge of new offerings from both stores.

Additionally, the app boasts several privacy policies and features. It requires permission to access the camera for QR code scanning but does not collect or store other personal data. Furthermore, iPhone devices are convenient; users can sign up for merchandise alerts through this platform.

Users should note that prices displayed in the app do not guarantee prices at the register; prices listed can change without warning, and customers are encouraged to contact their local Dirt Cheap/Treasure Hunt store for specific pricing information.

The app is free to download and use, although some additional features require subscription fees. For instance, to scan an item and compare prices or receive discount sales notifications, you must pay an ongoing subscription.

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The dirt cheap deal finder app is an indispensable resource for bargain hunters. Users can quickly scan items to check prices at Dirt Cheap and Treasure Hunt stores instantly; plus, there’s a store locator feature and various coupons for in-store savings! With its simple user interface and compatibility across most iOS devices, this app has received numerous positive user reviews!

Dirt Cheap discount retailer sells major brand merchandise that was returned by customers or canceled orders, clearance items, and overstocks. They also offer refurbished electronics at reduced prices and clothing at discounted rates – not forgetting their loyalty program, which allows members to earn points with every purchase they make!

This app is free to download and use, making it an ideal solution for anyone hoping to save money when purchasing. With features such as price scanning, a store locator, a rewards program, and a customer support team available around the clock, multiple languages support makes this convenient application accessible across borders.

At first, this app may seem challenging to navigate; enter your ZIP code, and it will show all nearby stores. When you locate a store, you can check its inventory and make reservations online before even visiting for pickup – you’ll even receive text notifications as soon as your order is ready to collect!

Dirt Cheap offers unparalleled value stores, making them a fantastic resource for finding unique furniture at incredible prices. End tables and bar carts start from $75 while dressers and chairs go for $200 – not to mention incredible rugs, home decoration deals, and power tools with liberal return policies from stores nearby! You may even find electronics here, too, but bring a charger to complete the transaction smoothly!

This store may seem untidy, but it’s an excellent spot for budget shoppers. They carry items not advertised anywhere else, allowing you to find something you have been searching for at a fantastic value.


Though the app may need improvement concerning privacy features and customer support response times, its powerful features and reliability make it an invaluable bargain-hunting resource for shoppers. This app is optimized for iPhone devices to ensure its broad compatibility and is regularly updated to improve performance. Users can utilize the app to scan prices, locate stores, and stay abreast of current inventory levels. App users can also use this tool to find bargains at Treasure Hunt and Dirt Cheap stores across eight states. These stores feature merchandise salvaged from business liquidations sales, bankruptcies, retail closeouts and overstocks from significant box stores. Many items available here are heavily discounted and at meager prices.

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