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Director Arun Matheswaran on creating Saani Kaayidham that releases on Prime Video on 6 May

A story is its own adventure, complete with its set of obstacles. However, creating a marvel out of a story is often the handy work of a film director who plays a pivotal role in bringing the narrative to life. After the success of his first film, Rocky, Director Arun Matheeswaran is back with a gripping plot line – Saani Kaayidham, which is all set to release soon on 6 May on Amazon Prime Video across 240 countries and territories.

Before the creation of any film, it is the vision that makes a difference. The journey of Saani Kaayidham also began with a vision that found its way onto the papers only in a matter of four days. The core essence of the film was the basic understanding of human nature. Arun Matheswaran from the inception of Rocky, a revenge drama wanted to make a trilogy on the same, and keeping the momentum he paved the way for Saani Kaayidham.

“Revenge genre is not new in the Tamil Film Industry and has already been explored a million times. However, the aspect of harsh realism shown in Saani Kaayidham and my previous film, Rocky, is kind of new for the Tamil audience. The violence in other similar genre films in usually very stylized,” said Arun and continued further, “With Saani Kaayidham I wanted to bring in a raw differentiating flavour and the writing came naturally to me; be it the character in the intense situations or the way they react to it. However, the idea is not to showcase violence but stay true to the action drama.”

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With Saani Kaayidham, Arun Matheswaran’s attempt is to create a movie inspired from old British gangster films from the 1980s like Get Carter and Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. The powerful imagery showcased in them, influenced Arun to incorporate similar elements in Saani Kaayidham where the victim fights back.

“There are a couple of filmmakers that I look up to, right from my first film. For example, Jim Jarmusch is one such filmmaker whose works I love. Seijun Suzuki and Akira Kurosawa are two Japanese filmmakers who are my inspirations to name a few. In a broader sense, I wanted to bring in the nuances of these films and director, and thus retorted to creating Saani Kaayidham,” he said.

Furthermore, with Arun looking up to renowned filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch, Seijun Suzuki, and Akira Kurosawa, audiences will get to witness certain facets of their works in this film as well, making it an interesting watch.

With Saani Kaayidham all set for a global premier on 6 May on Amazon Prime Video, audiences can look forward to Arun Matheswaran’s cinematic vision creating magic on screen. Produced under the banner of Screen Scene Media Entertainment, Saani Kaayidham will premiere worldwide exclusively across 240 plus countries and territories. The film will also be available as Chinni in Telugu and as Saani Kaayidham in Malayalam.

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