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Developing a Huge List of Active Twits Followers

How I got 2400 Followers from a 3 four-week period old account who are all active ReTweeters and relevant to a degree.

This is not bad energy and is surely a strategy this perhaps I should share with other individuals. Now I know I’m no CopyBlogger or Problogger, or even the infopreneur for that matter, and I don’t perhaps know if getting 2400 followers in under 3 months is definitely something to brag in relation to?! But for the record, In my opinion, it’s pretty good going, so now is the process I follow, the reason I believe in Twitter, along with the three free resources Profit to manage the process.

I am definitely not here to debate if or not Twitter is effective as a marketing strategy, I am simply outlining the processes I follow and how I managed to get through 2000 followers in under a few months – because if Marketing is really a numbers game then you definitely know what, I just figured out how you can make Twitter effective.; )

The reason Twitter?

I have spoken at length about Social Media and Google, and being often the advocate for Keyword Exploration you are probably wondering why I perhaps bother with Twitter, but for my family, it’s all about building my very own online presence, and that will begin with relationships. I think the foremost tool in the land regarding social media is the ReTweet then when used with Effective Blog Writing comments it is the most effective way to get seen in the crowded blogosphere. This specific combined with the fact that Twitter can be so blogger-friendly makes it an absolute must in the blogger’s toolbox.

Quality or Quantity?

Above all let me state that my goal is quantity over quality. This might be the only forum in which this could be the case and it’s because wanting to decipher the quality of Tweets is like trying to get a straight response from a politician, so Tweets become a numbers game. Aside from the obvious fact that the more supporters the more chance of getting ReTweeted, there are some additional benefits.

Sociable Proof Anyone?

You know Tweets followers are a lot just like Ants (thanks Anna for that reference: ) )in that will individually they are kind of worthless (Ummm, not you fellas who RT my content all the time of course) yet together they are a push to be reckoned with. The particular force I am talking about is needless to say Social Proof. The Pro bloggers talk at length regarding the importance of Social Proof as well as the importance of showing people that another medication is interesting too. It’s just like the old adage that if a few people are looking up to something then soon other folks will look up to it, and this sustains too! Now even though we want that number inside our RSS feed, at least having that somewhere can only be a positive thing. I have over 2500 supporters and I only really benefit maybe 100 of them at the best, but to the uninitiated as if Alex Whalley has 2400 people interested in what she has to say, so maybe often the uninitiated suddenly feel they want to be interested too.: )

Using Twitter with free twits tools -Simplified

Twitter Applications – SocialOomph

This is where My partner and I manage the auto abide by and welcome messages. My partner and I Click on Direct Messages in addition to Edit Welcome Message and next I can edit the concept that people receive when they abide by me as well as tick the opportunity to automatically follow persons back who follow my family -which I always have ticked. Why do I follow people back automatically? Because it is a two-way street reason do I have to certainly not follow someone? The beauty of Tweets is that you don’t ever must hear someone speak except if they speak with an individual.

What’re the perfect ‘thanks for that follow’ message?

There is none really, it truly is one of those items where it’s such a different forum that anything should go, but I have had at the very least 5 different thank you information, and the one I use today seems to be the most effective because it shows people what that I adhere to back and that I love to ReTweet. This is something I actually do In fact it is something that appeals to all Tweets users. It’s quite a gentlemen move if I don’t point out so myself and I would certainly strongly recommend you add that to your welcome message (so very long as you will actually do these things)

Twitter Tools: Tweepi

OK This is the bee’s knees in Free Tweets Tools and does everything I would like and then some. This is where I subscribe to and unfollow pretty much every person and is almost used specifically to manage my account. Within just Tweepi you can Follow individuals who are following someone you indicate, but more importantly, you can cleanse those who are not following you actually back. The process I follow should be to go and look for an interesting blog writer who is in a similar niche market to me and then follow numerous of their high RTing admirers as I can until the laptop or computer says no. A few days in the future, usually at least 5 for being fair, I go back to Tweepi, and using the ‘Geeky Flush’ I unfollow all those that happen to be not following me rear (except those whom I select to follow of course). The moment I have unfollowed I then duplicate the process again.

Who Wants to possibly be ReTweeted?

The search attribute within Tweepi allows you to separate out the results via a range of selections including a high RT charge. I like this option because I have to only follow those who have a bent to RT (just including me! ) so it raises the chances that I’ll without doubt get ReTweeted more. It usually is about numbers but if We can control at least one aspect of just how I pick who to adhere to then a high ReTweet level is definitely my quality report!

Twitter Tools – Twellow

I Don’t tend to make use of ‘the yellow pages of twitter’ as much as I used to but the purpose this site is so good happens because you can register your Tweets ID there under different keyphrases and categories in order that others using the directory will see you, besides it is the largest Twitter directory in existence and thus you definitely want to register presently there if anywhere. On the flip side, this great feature is obviously the main benefit that you can search for and adhere to people under categories, keywords, and phrases, you name it.

Be Smart concerning Who you Follow

Is actually OK to be a sheep in terms of Twitter because well, how it works but who also you follow is important in the end so you need to start pondering outside the box and stop following the head, so to speak. For example, I speak about on-page optimization and Key phrase research so I tend to adhere to those interested in blogging and also MMO in general. If I would target those interested in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION surely that would be stupidity as I could not offer them our services at any point. Too many people merely follow people interested in the same as they themselves are. Think one particular step ahead. If you offer baby clothes then adhere to people in pregnancy groupings. If you sell Dentures, abide by people who love chocolate as well as smoke. You get the picture instructions Just be cleverer.

Very well that’s how I use Twits. No secret really, just some special marketing thinking and reliable action at least once a week features seen these results I honestly believe you can easily the actual same or better while using the same system. Granted Twits is not going to make you (much) income, but the exposure you can get, along with the social proof that comes with often the numbers is surely worth the trouble.

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