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Construction Accidents in Newburgh: 10 Common Reasons

Construction sites come with a lot of risks. With all the material gathered around the site and the different incomplete buildings, it is not surprising that accidents do occur. However, with the necessary precautions, the prevalence of such accidents is significantly reduced.

Nonetheless, it helps to understand the different common scenarios and triggers of such accidents. This article explores some of the most common construction accident causes you may want to learn about. Keep reading for more insight.

Ladders and Scaffoldings

Different cities and towns around the world have varied statistics when it comes to construction accidents. Even so, some of the causes are common across borders. One of the causes of common construction accidents in Newburgh, for instance, ladders and scaffolding. These are common in large projects present in many cities.

Commercial or large-scale projects risk workers falling from scaffoldings and ladders when working at specific heights. Usually, incorrectly placed ladders and unguarded scaffolds along walkways are the culprits. They tend to lead to severe injuries such as the spine, bones, and head injuries.

Unsafe Equipment and Objects

Depending on the nature of the job, sometimes the equipment used to achieve specific goals is unsafe. For instance, when in an environment where welding and cutting have to be done, the equipment and tools used during this process can be hazardous and cause accidents. A lot of extra caution has to be maintained to avoid any dire consequences.

Lack of Health Facilities for Immediate Care

Sometimes the risky fact is not the fact that accidents occur, and people suffer injuries while at work. Some of these are inevitable, depending on the nature of the job. The danger and an even more severe problem and reason for more harm is the lack of health facilities to attend to these minor injuries as soon as they arise.

Faulty Equipment

common construction accidents in Newburgh

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This is a significant risk and accident/ injury trigger. Equipment is excellent when they work as it should. However, they tend to pose severe dangers to the workers whenever they are faulty rather than offer the support they need. The best thing to do would be to have all machinery and equipment checked before use. Routine maintenance also goes a long way in guaranteeing or enhancing machinery safety.

Lack of Training

It is one thing to get the right equipment and machinery and another to have people use them appropriately. The improper use of any machines in the workplace can cause serious accidents.

Therefore, whenever you introduce a new machine or technique, take the workers through it. Have them understand the proper use and also master any rules about the machinery and procedure. This will automatically reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries at the workplace.

Heavy Equipment

Because most processes are automated and simplified in today’s world, it is not surprising that most multi-functional equipment packs several functions in one. Consequently, these machines tend to be heavier than normal and may not be the easiest to handle. It is essential to get the right workforce to control the heavy machinery lest it causes a lot of avoidable accidents. It isn’t easy to control or regulate heavy machinery on your own.

Sequencing Challenges

common construction accidents in Newburgh

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Some of the construction sites have shaky grounds. This means that they may experience the risk of soil erosion and sedimentation. It may make installing some of the machinery complexes and affecting project completion. As a result, workers tend to develop psychological pressure due to the possibility of missed deadlines. When this happens, they are less attentive and can easily cause accidents.

Lack of Proper Planning

Lack of planning is a recipe for disaster in construction. This means that there will be many inaccuracies in the material used for other measures. As a result, the construction project may develop certain complications.

Additionally, failing to plan may also mean that you could have skipped specific hazard recognition and prevention. What’s more, when the plan fails from the word go, there is also the possibility of poor equipment management, workers, and resources, all of which can trigger accidents at the construction site.

Noise Hazards

common construction accidents in Newburgh

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Accidents don’t have to be physical only. It is common for construction sites to lead to noise pollution, which sometimes affects the workers’ and surrounding residents’ hearing. The extreme noise in these construction sites sometimes affects the nerves and can easily lead to deafness and internal injuries. This is one of the least discussed dangers of construction sites, but it is equally important.

Construction Hazard Sites

The construction site itself can be ripe for accidents and disasters. Often, these sites are dangerous, especially if they are prone to environmental or natural calamities such as a landslide. Unless suitable reinforcement is done, the site can quickly turn into a disastrous outcome that can cost lives and lead to severe injuries.

This means that construction sites ought to be chosen carefully. But unfortunately, not all sites are great for construction. Therefore, you should be careful when settling on land for construction.

Final Thoughts

Construction sites come with a lot of challenges. Working at these sites means taking extra precautions. Make sure to emphasize safety measures since your life depends on them. Also, plan well before commencing any construction project to avoid last-minute rushes and overlook important factors.