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Powder coating of metal parts. A man in a protective suit sprays powder paint from a gun on metal products.

Choosing the Best Powder Coating Gun

Choosing the Best Powder Coating Gun

Did you know that the average cost for a renovation is around $17,000 to $76,000? You can reduce this by using the best powder coating gun for sale. But, there are a lot of tools on the market, and using the wrong one could lead to extra costs.

You need a guide that will help you learn about the reliable and easy-to-use sprayer. Do you want to get tips on choosing the best powder coating gun that fits your needs? Read what we have below and learn more.

Corona Style Powder Coating Gun

Do you need a protective layer for appliances or metal-based materials? If that’s a yes, use a corona powder coating sprayer.

Pros of the Corona Style

Corona spray gun creates an electric field at the nozzle. It’s what gives the powder a positive or negative charge. Metallic surfaces are the best example because they’re grounded with high conductivity.

The system is easy to work with and produces powder faster. It’s used best for thick coatings and custom jobs.

Cons of the Corona Style

Corona powder coating has the Faraday Cage Effect, making it hard to attach to the corners of a material. A way to resolve the Faraday Cage Effect is to use a powder with a high electrostatic charge.

Tribo Style Powder Coating Gun

If you’re working with non-metallic materials, what you need is the Tribo style spray gun. This system overcomes what the corona style can’t do.

Pros of the Tribo Style

Tribo coating uses friction to give a positive charge to the powder. This action removes the Faraday Cage Effect, allowing you to spray with thinner coats.

Epoxy coatings are an example of using the Tribo style. It can apply a thick layer of powder for a smoother finish.

Cons of the Tribo Style

Spray guns that use Tribo style powder coating guns are easy to break down. When the powder moves in the conductor or insulator, it wears down the equipment faster.

Tribo spray needs time to do the electron exchange before using the powder. It means the system has a low output compared to the corona style. Also, the system has limited powder that it can use because it needs high conductivity.

Flame Spray Powder Coating

Tribo style and Corona style needs the use of coating lines like ovens. It makes flame spray coating an advantage because it uses heat and powder on site.

Protection is one highlight of the flame spray system. It promotes anti-corrosion and is usable in any weather condition. It’s a one-step cycle with no risk of over-spray or risk of damaging the equipment.

Buy the Best Powder Coating Gun Today!

The best powder coating gun depends on the material you’ll use. Also, it depends if you want a smooth finish or a thick layer of coating. For general use, it’s best to use the system with a high yield in powder coating.

Do you want to learn more about powder coating supplies? Check out our other articles and learn more.

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