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Car on Many Worst Car Lists Crossword Answers

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Crossword Puzzle Clue #4023 “Onetime auto replaced by the Chevrolet Aveo.” Published July 30th and has one answer available here at our website for solving. Need some assistance solving it? Visit us and our list of tips & tricks that may help speed your level up quickly.

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After General Motors acquired Daewoo, they immediately took action. First, they released the Kalos with the Chevy badge as the Aveo; unfortunately, it was an instantaneous disaster due to its 14-inch wheels attracting attention quickly before fuel economy issues and poor handling marred its debut. Safety considerations were also often neglected with this car, eventually forcing its discontinuation in 2011.

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The Edsel is one of the most infamous car failures ever produced. Launching in 1957 during an economic recession with resources and innovative design from large automakers backing it and innovative technology on board – only for it all to fail spectacularly from day one! At first, they struggled with finding an appropriate name – thousands were suggested before finally choosing Edsel as its title.

However, the car was problematic; it was too costly and unreliable. Furthermore, its design was strange; for example, its windshield wipers were placed centrally across its front glass, making it hard to see. Furthermore, its interior was dull and uninspiring, which made selling difficult.

Many of Ford’s issues were due to poor management decisions. Henry Ford II, their CEO then, insisted on pushing Edsels through even though they did not fit well into their respective markets. Another critical error was riding on the success of PT Cruiser, which soon faded as an attraction.


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At first, GM’s IROC name was an embarrassment to them – seen by many as synonymous with bad taste and poor fashion choices (think Cyndi Lauper). Furthermore, its production car failed to match up to its fierce concept counterpart, and thus, it was widely ridiculed in the press.

However, IROC soon became adopted as a badge of honor among a select group of Camaro enthusiasts – such as Western Sydney ROC in Australia, Illawarra ROC south of Sydney, and Hunter ROC in Newcastle – among many others. These clubs demonstrate how certain cars can become more than simply a means of expression for individuals.

Although NASCAR drivers often dominated IROC racing, its champions still made waves at several road courses, such as Riverside and Watkins Glen – giving IROC cars another opportunity to shine. Finally, third-generation Camaros were an obvious fit for racing success, becoming some of the most successful muscle cars of their era.


After nearly 100 years of mismanagement by General Motors (GM), Opel will soon be sold to one of Europe’s remaining automotive giants: PSA Peugeot Citroen. PSA is an ideal buyer because they treat Opel as their standalone car maker rather than simply an afterthought.

Opel makes some noteworthy models but primarily sells up-spec versions of Chevys, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs in Europe. Although that might satisfy those interested in sedans, Opel does not cater to what most car-buying public wants: SUVs.

Opel has long been considered an accessible mainstream brand, yet it has produced some surprisingly great cars despite being more mainstream. Their Corsa sportscar was highly capable,, and their Astra hatchback proved popular worldwide – including America,, where they sold under the Saturn brand name.

Opel actively participated in the revived Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft racing series during the 1990s and won its respective manufacturer’s title with its Calibra. Additionally, several large models such as Crosscamp Flex and Opel Vivaro-e won awards, most recently by AUTO BILD readers in Germany as Connected Car of the Year 2022.

Opel’s difficulties didn’t end after its resurrection from bankruptcy; its new CEO, Briton Nick Reilly, embarked on a European tour asking governments for taxpayer handouts.

Much-mocked car of the late 1980s

At the end of the ’80s, cars were rapidly evolving. Pop-up headlights, wedge designs, and fuel injection systems became standard features; unfortunately, not all innovations proved successful.

Buick Reatta was an attempt at creating a two-seater car explicitly designed to appeal to women, using the old GM E platform and powered by a 3.8-liter V6. Unfortunately, production only lasted four years, leaving many people disparaging the Reatta as an object of ridicule today.

Pontiac Aztek was another huge disappointment. This plastic-heavy lemon could not compete with its competition had a very divisive design and suffered numerous issues that resulted in it being one of the most loathed cars during that era.

Dodge surely must be regretting one mistake in particular in their long history: giving their Charger name to such an awful car as this hideous hatchback with subpar engine performance, now considered amongst some as one of the worst-ever made.

Even though its initial launch garnered some supporters, the Omni quickly turned out to be an unmitigated disaster and became one of the most hated cars of the ’80s. Due to poor quality and safety standards that put consumers’ lives in jeopardy, its appearance further damaged Dodge’s brand image and created significant consumer frustration. Although eventually replaced with something much superior, Omni remains an embarrassment in automotive history.