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Can You Avoid or Negotiate a Pet Deposit?

Did you know that more Americans are adopting pets this year? The trend has encouraged multiple rental units to consider wavering their strict pet fees.

In 2022 it is now possible to avoid or negotiate a pet deposit at multiple rental units in the country.

Stay close to your furry friends and save money on rent this year. Could you read our article to find out how?

Navigating New Pet Rent Rules

Rental policies are changing every year. It is now possible to enjoy a new home without paying a long list of fees.

Navigating new pent rules does not have to be complicated or confusing to understand. Begin by initiating a conversation with your prospective landlord.

Ask them about their current pent rules, capacity requirements, and associated fees. Some rental units will demand a one-time payment for your pets.

Other units will add on additional payment to the monthly rent. This is known as “pet rent” and can cost nearly $100 a month in populated urban areas.

Pet rent can, however, come with some excellent amenities for you and your pet to enjoy. Avoiding these payments can be possible, and you won’t have to sacrifice the comforts either!

How Many Pets Do You Own?

The number of pets in your family can drastically affect the amount of money required to house your pets.

If you only have one pet, a landlord can approve it on a case-by-case basis. However, if you have multiple pets, the landlord may require that you get rid of some or pay substantial fees.

Separating from your beloved animals is no easy task. However, the fewer animals you have, the easier it will be to avoid or negotiate pet fees.

For example, if you only have one pet, you can register them as an emotional support animal. This status makes it almost impossible for someone to profit from your service animal.

Emotional Support Animal 101

Does your pet increase your overall well-being? It is possible to register your furry friend as a service animal so that they can always be with you.

Emotional support animals sponsored by organizations like American Service Pets are regarded for their ability to ease their owners’ anxiety.

Registering your animal as a service member will help you avoid and negotiable a wide range of fees.

Taking advantage of this service will require a few preliminary steps. First, you will have to partner with a sponsoring organization.

Service animal sponsors will help you officiate the documentation needed for your animal to be taken seriously as an emotional support animal.

Applying For An ESA Certificate

An emotional service animal, or ESA, can be presented with a certificate of authenticity.

Sponsoring agents will provide the official documentation needed to negotiate or avoid pet fees.

This documentation can be used for airplanes, rental units, and shopping parlors. Many public and private spaces bow down to official ESA certificates.

The most popular perk of obtaining one of these certificates is the ability to walk into nearly any store with your service animal. If it is wearing the proper attire, most stores will welcome you and your pet!

Mitigating Your Apartment Fees

ESA certificates cover public spaces. What about private rooms? Private dwellings that are being rented out are subject to the owner’s rules.

However, rentals that feature dozens of units are more likely to accept the paperwork on behalf of local laws.

Talk to your landlord about the different package options that their rental includes. If they offer a reduced fee for service animals, ask them to elaborate.

You must talk about all of the fee details to avoid a financial surprise later down the road.

Do Caged Pets Count?

A question that rarely gets answered revolves around pets that live in caged environments. Reptiles, rodents, and other small creatures are often overlooked.

Meanwhile, cats and dogs remain in the spotlight. Creatures of all sizes, however, will come at a cost.

Although some apartment complexes will not charge for enclosure-based animals, most rental units will have a small fee added to your rent.

Avoid surprise fees by benign upfront with your landlord about your small animal friends and negotiating a price based on their size.

Reptiles and mammals alike can be subject to breed exemption rules as well. Speak with your landlord about an additional fee to keep these animals.

ESA Certificate For Lower Pet Fees

Are all of your animals already registered as an ESA? That’s great news! You now have the option to work with your licensing agent to lower pet fees at your rental unit.

An official document and contact will be needed so that your landlord can verify your ESA certificate. Pet-friendly apartments are obligated to welcome service animals as well.

Most importantly, your landlord will be less likely to collect rent on your service animal. Keep these documents close by to mitigate any issues!

Ready To Skip The Pet Deposit?

Now you know all the tips to avoid or negotiate a pet deposit at your rental unit! Are you ready to bring your furry friends into a new home?

Remember, obtaining an ESA certificate can help you achieve your financial goals this year while keeping your pets safe! What’s not to love?

If you still need motivation, be sure to check out our other blog posts to become updated on the latest lifestyle hacks!

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