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Can Packaging Machines: Best Maintenance Tips

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve recently purchased primary and secondary packaging equipment.

Of course, that’s a wise investment since it ensures all your products are properly packed. If you want to get the most out of your investment, you’ve got to devise the right maintenance plan.

Maintaining your machines will help cut expenses, improve the machine’s lifespan, avoid machine downtime, and more.

Do you want to ensure your packaging machine will serve you and your company for many years? Well, here are several maintenance tips that you should implement.

Establish Autonomous Maintenance Tasks

Make sure you establish task-based activities for the operators of the machine.

This means you must introduce a checklist of the tasks they should finish regularly. It can be bi-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily.

Typically, these activities include basic inspection and cleaning routines. This helps operators become familiar with the machine.

With this routine training, your operators can detect signs of errors, such as unwanted movement, weird speed, or odd sounds.

Once they detect these issues, you can schedule a maintenance task from the can packaging machinery supplier.

Ultimately, your operators will be the first line of defense against costly machine repairs and downtime.

Preventative Lubrication

can packaging machinery supplier


Keep in mind that you’re responsible for the machine’s moving components. Thus, you have to keep them lubricated regularly.

Make sure you follow the directions from the machine manual when it comes to applying lubricant. If you ignore this preventive lubrication, defects resulting from friction are typically not covered by a warranty.

Plan For Obsolescence And Upgrades

Packaging machines inevitably require upgrades. They often even need replacement whenever a particular component or machine is obsolete, and the supplier doesn’t support it anymore.

Keep in mind that nowadays, technology develops fast. Packaging machines aren’t exempted.

Keep close communication with the machine manufacturer to learn more about recommended parts upgrades and to guarantee notification if your certain machine is being phased out.

Thus, it’s always ideal to have a proactive plan for a replacement or upgrade of your luxury perfume packaging machine, parts, or software that will lower downtime.

Know Your Spare Parts

can packaging machinery supplier


Once you buy a packaging machine, the manufacturer will offer you a recommended spare parts list.

The list will sometimes be categorized into part classes by wear. With this, you can plan your parts inventory strategically.

For example, most manufacturers classify their spare parts as follows:

  • Low-Wear Parts – These are components that do not fail.
  • Medium-Wear Parts – These are components that have a longer lifecycle. They might not fail if you maintain them properly.
  • High-Wear Parts – These are components that have a shorter lifecycle.

Professionals recommend that you always keep in stock high-wear parts. The last thing you want to do when your machine is down is to wait for a component to be shipped or fabricated.

Money is wasted every minute your machine doesn’t work during production hours.

Keep The Surroundings Clean

Just as you would keep machines clean, you also have to keep the machine’s surroundings free from debris, dust, and dirt that might interfere with the machine’s performance.

Make sure that filters keep the air free from excessive amounts of contaminants.

In addition to that, clean your surroundings with routine sanitation practices. This is particularly true if you work with sensitive components, such as the PTFE bellows.

Regularly Check The Machine

can packaging machinery supplier


Preventive maintenance is the key to a long packaging machine lifespan. Establishing a routine maintenance schedule is vital to avoid problems on the machine before they even happen.

Aside from that, it will also help prevent expensive downtime.

That is why it’s always best to examine your packaging machine for deteriorating parts regularly. You also have to make sure that the machine is lubricated properly.

To make things simple for you, ensure you strictly adhere to the maintenance schedule that the manufacturer provided. With this, you can easily extend the lifespan of your machine.

Conduct Preventive Maintenance Regularly

Like with any other machine, packaging machines work best if they regularly undergo preventative maintenance.

So, what can you do? When it comes to minor tune-ups, you can lubricate moving parts, examine the machine after use, clean the surroundings, and more.

On the other hand, when it comes to major repairs, you can replace worn components, upgrade the machine’s software, and much more.

Preventative maintenance prevents problems in their tracks. Establish a schedule that covers all the basic maintenance tasks. This includes cleaning, changing of worn parts, lubrication, an inspection of wholesale glass juice bottles, and more.

Also, you must ensure that a person does these tasks with the right qualifications.


can packaging machinery supplier


Proper maintenance is vital to the performance and longevity of the packaging equipment.

With the right maintenance plan, routine preventive measures, and support from the manufacturer, you can enjoy the benefits of your packaging machine.

If not, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money down the line.

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