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Business For Sale Lubbock

Business for sale in Lubbock can be an exhaustive process that takes time and money. Numerous tasks involve planning the sale, setting a reasonable asking price, advertising the business for sale, and negotiating with potential buyers.

1404 Lubbock Business Park Blvd in Lubbock, Texas 79403 can be seen here with images, maps, taxes, and mortgage calculator.

The Famous Building

Coldwell Banker Commercial understands the significance of business location in its rapid development and expansion. Our team is here to help you find a space suitable for your company in Lubbock or any other city – take our time understanding your needs and then connecting you with the ideal broker!

This commercial property would make an excellent location for restaurants, bars, or retail businesses. With easy access to Marsha Sharp Freeway and Interstate 27 and high traffic counts – currently occupied by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services, which ensures steady income – this commercial property makes an ideal setting.

The location in Downtown Lubbock makes this property an excellent investment opportunity. From its stunning exterior to a blank canvas interior that can be tailored to suit your needs and a Tenant Improvement Allowance from your landlord – The Famous Building provides everything needed to launch or expand any business venture.

At the heart of the Historic Lower Depot District lies this former bank property offering ample parking and street frontage along 4th Street. Also available for viewing are multiple office spaces, a large safe room, and a drive-thru window – so any interested parties should schedule a tour immediately!

This multi-tenant office building is conveniently situated within Lubbock’s medical district near Covenant Hospital and University Medical Center. Offering multiple suites with ample parking, this multi-tenant building makes an excellent fit for medical or professional purposes.

Selling a business can be challenging for most business owners. Planning the sale carefully, setting an appropriate asking price, advertising it widely, and negotiating with potential buyers are essential steps in selling. Unfortunately, these tasks may become challenging while managing day-to-day business operations; that is why Morgan & Westfield offer their expertise when helping Lubbock-area clients buy or sell businesses.

The Beer Garden

A beer garden is an outdoor social space where alcohol and food are served alongside music or other forms of entertainment. Some are permanent, while others are only open during special events; sometimes used to promote specific brands of beer or breweries, while other times are just used as promotional tools for bars or restaurants that run them; some even allow customers to bring in their picnic food for outdoor dining purposes!

The beer garden is a relatively recent phenomenon in America, yet it has quickly gained popularity recently. It serves as an outdoor social space where people drink alcohol in relaxed surroundings while socializing and often features live music or lawn sports competitions for entertainment. Some beer gardens cater more casually to families, while others solely serve alcohol.

There are various varieties of beer gardens, from sprawling outdoor spaces to lavish patios. While some permanent ones exist, others only appear during events like state fairs or parties; others still provide an idyllic place to drink beer in beautiful settings.

To qualify as a beer garden, a space must meet specific essential criteria. First and foremost, it should be outdoors with communal tables; secondly, it must feature plenty of greenery; and finally, it must offer beer services – like Mission Dolores, which meets these requirements perfectly.

The inaugural beer garden opened its doors during the 19th century as a healthy alternative to saloons, offering familiar lager beer instead of ales and whiskey commonly served at Irish-American bars, encouraging communal dining, dancing, and lawn games as activities available within its confines.

Overton Park Nightclub

At Bombay Bicycle Club, young men and women pressed their faces against the windows as they watched a thermometer count down from 30 to 29 to 28 before witnessing its startling change: snowflakes began falling. Soon after that came a blizzard, which saw people running outside to catch these beautiful white particles with open hands while laughing and cheering loudly as people ran to capture these fluffy snowballs in their pockets – this momentary experience of excitement would morph into something much more incredible!

Lubbock boasts several entertainment districts, such as the Depot District and Overton Park. The Depot District hosts theatres, upscale restaurants, and other cultural attractions – such as the Buddy Holly Center dedicated to rockabilly musician Buddy Holly’s life – while Overton Park hosts popular bars and nightclubs with an active music scene.

Overton Park boasts more than just restaurants; there are also various clubs and pubs. Some more renowned ones include Bombay Bicycle Club, Local Pub, and Bar PM, in addition to genre-specific establishments like country and bluegrass music bars.

Overton Park hosts many exciting events throughout the year, from concerts and community festivals to an afternoon picnic spot perfect for family fun. Don’t miss your chance to spend an unforgettable afternoon here!

North Overton Park boasts several bars and nightclubs that serve a mix of residents and students. The nightlife in this area is vibrant, engaging, and varied; many bars feature live bands, while others provide more relaxing environments; depending on the time of day, visitors may experience high-octane parties or tranquil evenings.

McDougal Companies was established in Lubbock in 1982 and now services multifamily properties across West Texas and beyond. We continue to provide superior multifamily housing development and real estate management, as well as hospitality operations that include restaurants and hotels.

Yardi Matrix provides real estate professionals with more than just ownership details; it allows them to evaluate property performance metrics such as occupancy and vacancy rates as well as amenities, functional characteristics, utilities, and site specifications that pertain specifically to joint areas or apartments. Additionally, this solution provides information on common area amenities and apartment-specific features.

The Power Plant

At the center of downtown Lubbock lies this exceptional property. Offering nearly an entire acre lot in a prime location with high traffic counts and plenty of room to expand, this one-of-a-kind opportunity can be the basis for your next business endeavor.

This property, once used for power and water distribution, boasts a vibrant past with endless potential. Through adaptive reuse, this building blends historic character with modern elements – including its original 1930s generator and overhead bridge crane – to create an appealing aesthetic unique to this space. Mezzanines and basement tunnels provide additional storage capacity and flexible floor plans so your business can grow with you.

Lubbock’s expanding economy creates ample opportunity for businesses to flourish and thrive, making the city an excellent location for commercial real estate purchases in Lubbock. However, selecting an appropriate property location is crucial to your company’s success – Coldwell Banker Commercial agents are here to assist in finding your business’ ideal home!

The Power Plant is a multi-tenant office/retail building in central Lubbock with many possible uses. With easy access to 50th Street and ample parking available, as well as excellent street visibility. Situated near numerous dense neighborhoods and major traffic arteries, this is ideal for businesses seeking to reach large audiences.

Lubbock boasts some of the finest commercial real estate available nationwide. Thanks to a recent surge in development, you will discover an extensive array of properties available for purchase or lease; whether your needs lie in industrial space or office buildings, there’s something available that meets them all!

Coldwell Banker Commercial experts can assist with purchasing a business, from valuations and machinery appraisals through buyer interviews, loan pre-approvals, and closing. Their experts have the experience and dedication to find the perfect commercial property suited to your company while helping to understand local market trends and conditions – whether yours is established or just beginning. Their assistance can ensure an effortless buying experience.