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Business For Sale in Ventura County

If you are contemplating selling your business, enlisting the help of an experienced broker like Steve is crucial to ensure it gets sold fast and for maximum value. His industry connections will enable him to quickly find buyers for it while getting it sold at its total value.

He will screen potential buyers carefully to ensure that they are serious about purchasing your business, saving both time and money by eliminating conversations with those not interested.

Fast Casual Mexican Restaurant

Fast-casual Mexican restaurants continue to expand in popularity. Offering healthy and customizable menu options such as burritos, tacos, and bowls. Furthermore, these establishments feature efficient ordering processes and food service; many also provide beverages like coffee or tea.

Some restaurants provide loyalty programs and gift cards to encourage repeat visits. Others leverage technology to streamline the ordering process using kiosks or QR codes, helping reduce demand during peak times for on-site orders.

Other restaurants provide premium protein options, like carne asada and seared ahi tuna, that set them apart while increasing customer satisfaction and improving their brand image. These excellent proteins can further set these restaurants apart and strengthen customer loyalty and brand image.

Demand for healthier alternatives has also contributed to fast-casual restaurant growth, outperforming full-service eateries in recent years and projected to experience revenue increases of 6% in five years, according to IBISWorld.

Leading fast-casual chains remain at the top of their respective industries and continue to invest in ways that differentiate them, from improving ingredient quality and adding new flavors to investing in technologies for efficiency and customer service improvement. They’re also making strides toward increasing visibility online through digital marketing initiatives to compete more directly against one another in their marketplace.

Retail Pharmacy

Retail pharmacies are the primary destination for most consumers to purchase prescription and over-the-counter medicines, offering products to treat conditions such as allergies, high blood pressure, and colds. Furthermore, retail pharmacies also sell nonprescription drugs and supplements and may even provide other healthcare supplies like diabetes and home medical equipment.

Pharmacy businesses are highly profitable industries with an attractive return on investment. Their services have become an integral part of healthcare systems worldwide, and their customers remain faithful customers. Pharmacists provide valuable guidance to patients as they take multiple medications while giving expert advice about getting maximum benefit from treatment plans.

There are two primary categories of pharmacies: retail and specialty. Retail pharmacies dispense common medications like antibiotics and allergy treatments, while specialty pharmacies specialize in offering more complex drugs for chronic illnesses like cancer or cardiovascular disease, as well as providing specialty services like medication therapy management (MTM) or adherence services.

An established community pharmacy located in a suburban area is up for sale. This pharmacy features a large front end, providing services like 340B Rx filling and vaccine administration – this presents an outstanding opportunity for an owner-operator to expand a well-established and growing business to the next level.

This business, located in a suburban shopping center, boasts an excellent customer base. The store features full front-end service with an outstanding selection of OTC items and collectibles, fresh fudge, toys, and school supplies in their gift section. In addition, its employees are highly-trained professionals with solid relationships with local physicians.

Sinclair Station

Sinclair Station, a public company owned by four conservative brothers, has experienced rapid expansion and has shown its muscle. It now owns and controls 197 local TV stations (WEYI in Ventura County among them) with plans to purchase many more stations; additionally, it boasts its national news service and produces shows; its commentators include one former adviser of President Trump as it attempts to shape news agenda. Eventually, this growth and influence drew concern from the FCC, which should act appropriately against it.

This company has often been criticized for its political biases and allegations of censorship from HBO’s John Oliver. Their local news anchors often read scripts with conservative talking points deemed necessary by critics – these must-run scripts have also come under criticism by journalists at CNN’s sister channel NewsMax, for which the company operates radio stations as well as owning/working national cable channel NewsMax.

Most of its stations are affiliated with networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC and operate under joint marketing agreements or are owned outright. Over time, the company has purchased stations from different networks and combined them to dominate television and radio markets.

Sinclair Broadcast Group was formed after Sinclair acquired several small independent stations in the early 1990s. Later, they started purchasing larger groups and consolidating them under one umbrella to create the Sinclair Broadcast Group – with hundreds of journalists being laid off at once.

Sinclair also announced it will offer most of the laid-off workers severance packages and is anticipating they may find employment at other Sinclair-owned stations across different markets, such as WACH Columbia in South Carolina, WGXA Macon in Georgia, and KAEF Eureka California.

Hospice Agency

This is an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a Joint Commission-accredited Hospice Agency with a Medicare provider number already in hand, established in 2014, and provide service across Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

EDC-VC serves businesses of all sizes located throughout Ventura County and its ten key communities and offers programs and services designed to promote economic vitality within Ventura County – from free advisory and workshops, loans, manufacturing outreach program G.E.T Trade to free manufacturing outreach program Manufacturing Outreach program G.E.T Trade program and more! To find out more, please visit our website.

Thousand Oaks business for sale.


Bakeries are food establishments specializing in the production and sale of various baked goods such as bread, pastries, cakes, and cookies. Most bakeries operate out of commercial settings, but some also provide catering and delivery services. All bakeries must meet federal, state, and local licensing requirements to operate legally.

Before establishing a bakery, determine what market and promotion strategy will best serve it. Analyzing your competition will help with this step and should be included in your business plan. When you know who your target market is, you can develop marketing campaigns designed to reach them.

An essential element of opening a bakery is considering what equipment will be necessary. Bakeries require various forms of equipment, such as mixing machines, ovens, refrigeration units, and case front counters and shelves for display and sales purposes. You should also purchase supplies like 3-compartment sinks, hand washing stations, cleaning chemicals, and ware washing equipment as needed.

If you want to sell your business, working with a business broker could help secure maximum value. They will work closely with top lawyers, accountants, and escrow agents to make your transaction seamless. Steve brings extensive industry experience that he will use to ensure a successful sale for you. His attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines on time, and commitment to building lasting relationships are just a few hallmarks of excellence that set him apart from his competition.